It’s been a long week but also, productive. The house feels more ready, I got a couple more meals frozen, I stocked up on some essentials, got the hospital bag packed except for a few last minute items and somehow even managed to get a few things done outside that needed finished. I also went with my brother and his wife to their anatomy scan. I know the gender and I’m about to pop waiting for them to tell the rest of the family at their gender reveal!!! 🙊

The frozen meals I’ve made so far include:

  • Meatloaf
  • Chicken and noodles
  • Vegetable soup
  • Chicken fajitas filling
  • Prepped meat for chili
  • BBQ chicken x2
  • Shepard’s pie x2
  • Lasagna

I have 3 more foil pans, so I’m hoping to make a few more double batches when I cook dinner this week to freeze.

Quayd passed his nst in the first 5 minutes this week, so the dr said I could leave early. This was actually his first nst that they didn’t have to come buzz him to get the accelerations. I had the group b swab done, so I should get those results this week. I described to the dr the contractions/cramps that I’d had 4 evenings in a row and she said that becomes more common the more babies you have, with 3rd/4th time moms oftentimes calling her with false labor. It seriously felt like the real deal starting up a few times… Consistent contractions every few minutes that lasted about 1min each but didn’t get more intense over the hours. This has been accompanied by tightness in my low back and intense pelvic pressure. My friend suggested that it might be prodromal labor and after a quick Google search, I’d say that’s exactly what I’m feeling.

At any rate, the dr checked for dilation and she said I’m about a fingertip with a soft cervix and baby’s head is nicely down in there. She said she’d love to be wrong but doesn’t think I’ll go into labor on my own before our induction. Which is fine, even if I do wish I could have an un-augmented labor. I’m more interested in getting Quayd out at the time and in the way that is best for him. And seriously, only 3 weeks left, Lord willing!!!

As far as symptoms go, I’m wiped out. The heat index this last week was reaching triple digits for several days in a row and I simply can’t tolerate it right now. Even walking from the car to the stores etc makes me feel faint and nauseated. Morning sickness is definitely coming back on a less extreme scale. My most bothersome symptom right now though is the breathless/lightheaded feeling with racing heartbeat. Sometimes it’ll last for several hours at a time and it’s extremely difficult for me to do anything until it goes away. Even sitting is too much sometimes, which makes grocery shopping and other public outings very challenging to get through. The SPD pain in my pelvis is still entirely right-sided now but it’s bearable. It takes me a minute to get moving when I first stand up, but once I’m walking, I’m ok. There’s a good bit of pelvic pressure but obviously it’s not doing anything to my cervix. Also, I’ve gain 34lbs.

I thought it would be fun to do a little comparison from about the same gestation with each baby….





One more note: I took Zane to get his labs done again and I got the results back yesterday. I haven’t talked to the dr yet though, so I’m not really sure if it’s good news or bad. For my untrained eye, I see he’s still not in the normal ranges on any of it but it is closer to normal than it was 2 weeks ago. I’m hoping that means that he’s fine and we only need to have another follow up. But again, I really don’t know. I’m sure his dr will call tomorrow though and hopefully we get good news from him! Prayers are always appreciated. 🙂

Dear God, thank You for a busy and productive week. Thank You for any progress Zane is making towards having good health and please continue to bless him and heal him. Please bring Quayd safely through the rest of this pregnancy and help us to have a safe and healthy birth. In Jesus’ name, amen.