I guess it’s safe to say that I still haven’t had that burst of nesting energy that we all look forward to. I was going through my notebook of lists (hospital bag, to-do, freezer meals to make etc) from before I had Zane and I had to laugh…

  • Clean under kitchen sink
  • Rearrange kitchen cabinets
  • Water all the house plants (??)
  • Wash windows and doors
  • Clean the kitchen table legs and the chairs
  • Write list of items that are in laundry room cabinets

…. These were the must-do items that were keeping me up at night?? I also remember frantically cleaning under the stove and fridge and doing other extremely important tasks one evening without even pausing to eat supper until almost bedtime. And that’s just a sample of it all! 😂 Because how on earth was I supposed to bring a baby home to a house with dirty kitchen table legs?? How would we ever cope without a list of what we have in our laundry room cabinets??!!

Of course, I laugh now but maybe in a couple weeks I’ll be frantically dusting the undersides of my picture frames and alphabetizing my recipe books. Who knows? But I definitely haven’t gotten that far with my list. In fact, this time around my list is super boring, like…

  • Wash and set up co sleeper
  • Pack hospital bag
  • Freeze some meals

… And a few other equally normal and boring items. I managed to freeze 2 meals of BBQ chicken so far and I’ve been working on a list of other meals I can just double the batch on and freeze over the next few weeks.

I called the ob office this week and the nurse was able to move my induction date to the next day with the dr who I saw last week. (the one who said she was comfortable with inducing me with my vbac status) So I’m really happy about that and hopeful that it will be a relaxed and beautiful process, please God! Unless this baby decides to come before then, we have just 7ish weeks to go! I’m equal parts ready to have more mobility and be less breathless, while also just soaking up these last few weeks of having Quayd all to myself and relishing his adorable kicks and wiggles. My belly is definitely getting a lot less cute and a lot more cumbersome the last 2 weeks. It’s had a sudden growth spurt and I find my ability to do absolutely anything without being breathless is pretty much nil. DH keeps remarking on how loud I’m breathing and asking if I’m ok. I know this happens to me every time but I felt like it usually happened a bit later! I’m also seeing quite a few stretch marks on my thighs all of a sudden. And the linea nigra line has appeared down my belly this week. I had forgotten about that!!

In an effort to get my body ready for the heavy work of labor, I’ve been trying to do squats every day and increasing them by 5 per day. I know some people say kegels help and others say they don’t, but just to be safe, I’ve been doing those every day too. I’ve been trying to do either 20 minutes on the bike or 10 on the bike and 10 on the elliptical at least 3 or 4 days a week. Granted, I’m going pretty slow at this point. 😂 Whatever I can do to aid in a better post partum recovery and maybe even an easier labor is well worth the effort though!

I have been swelling a lot in my feet, legs and hands this week so I gave up on checking my weight since it’s all over the place. Aside from the symptoms mentioned earlier, I feel different this week, like baby is farther down in my pelvis. Not like he’s dropped or engaged yet, but just really moved down more. My belly just sits on my legs now and it’s soooo low when I’m standing! The pelvic pressure is pretty intense and his hiccups are way down low. He’s almost always on my right side with his feet over on my left, but sometimes he changes sides.

This weekend, after I took Zane to his 18 month well child checkup, we decided to make an impromptu visit to see DH’s sister and her family. We threw together an overnight bag, got everyone in the van and booked a hotel room on the way. We stopped at Zane’s checkup and found out he had a fever of 100.4, which shot up to over 102 during the course of the appointment! The strep test was negative and his fever went down after a dose of ibuprofen, so we stopped at a playground to let the boys play while we decided whether to go on with our plans. Zane ate lunch and seemed tired but ok, so we went ahead and drove the 4 hours to the hotel and grabbed some Olive Garden carry-out on the way. Of course, his fever went up again at bedtime. After a second dose of ibuprofen, he woke up fever-free and fine today. He was a little more tired and cranky than usual but no symptoms of illness, thank the Lord! Thankfully we had a good, albeit short visit with DH’s family before we made the 4 hour drive back home this evening. I’m glad we were able to squeeze in that visit this weekend though because I do not want to do any more travelling until after Quayd is born and we are settled into our new routine!

Dear God, please bless us with good health and no illness this summer and help us to get things ready and in order for the arrival of this beautiful baby. Thank You for him and for the blessed weekend we had. In Jesus’ name, amen.