So, a few things have happened this week:

  • I had my growth ultrasound at 30+2. It went great and baby looks healthy. 3lbs 11oz approximately, in the 50th percentile. We finished up so quickly that the sonographer gave us a peek in 3d. Baby had his hands on his face, one across his eyes like everything is just too much 😂 and one on/in his mouth. We didn’t get any clear pictures, but it was nice of her to try! I think his lips and chin area look like Levi. Time will tell!!
  • The dr I saw at this appointment said she is perfectly comfortable with me being induced at 39 weeks and couldn’t see any reason not to unless I get to 39 weeks with no dilation at all, which she said would be highly unlikely for a 4th time mom. So she said to go ahead and schedule it and I did BUT (there’s always a but, isn’t there) I found out the dr on call that day is the one who said she wouldn’t induce me. I’m planning to call the office and see who is on for the following day and if it’s a different dr, switch to that day instead. Hopefully that all works out! Mostly I just feel relieved that at least one of the drs understands my situation and concerns and is on my side.

In other news, we changed our minds on baby’s name! After almost 16 solid weeks of calling him Shye, we found a different name that DH is absolutely in love with and he really wanted to switch. He said if I couldn’t bear to change the name, we didn’t absolutely have to but he was really really hoping I’d say yes. (And yes, we had some push back on the name Shye to begin with but I’m not the type to really care. We had push back on Truett and Zane too and I didn’t change their names.) Because it meant a lot to DH, I went along with it. And also because the boys were open to the new name even though they’d rejected every name we’d suggested before except for Shye, Si and Silas.

So, without further ado…

Quayd (pronounced quād) means “fourth son”, Sī (which was my top pick and therefore gets to be part of the middle name) means “God has heard” and Bennett means “blessed”.

Si is significant to me because Tru and Levi prayed so faithfully at bedtime for God to give us another baby if it was His will. Granted, they also asked for it to be a sister, 😂 but I believe God knows what is best for our family and that we are probably much better suited to raise boys… And that is 100% ok with me! 😉

To be honest, leaving behind the name Shye was a little hard after becoming attached to it over the last almost 4 months, but I feel at peace with the name. I like that DH had such a strong drawing to the name (usually he doesn’t) and that it was actually a name I happened upon while browsing through names that go well with a sibling named Zane… It’s just so cool that it happened to also mean fourth son!

This is getting long, so I’ll just sum up the week with a few bullet points.

  • I’m up 30lbs.
  • Some days I have a lot of swelling and others, none at all.
  • I’ve been experiencing itchy hands, feet and legs off and on. I mentioned that to the dr but she wasn’t concerned. If it continues till my next appointment in 2 weeks (also the start of weekly nst!), I’ll have some labs drawn.
  • Quayd is head down and has great fluid levels at 16. 🙂
  • I’ve been exercising for the several weeks either on my bike for 20 minutes or walking the track. I definitely have better energy levels when I exercise regularly.
  • Breathlessness is frequent now and I have to pace myself.
  • Pelvic pain has kicked up a few notches and I wake up with my pelvis and hip area absolutely burning every morning!
  • Kicks and wiggles are super strong and Quayd starts every morning with hiccups and usually gets them a couple more times throughout the afternoon and evening. Tru and Levi felt them the other day and thought it was cool.
  • Levi said I’ve been pregnant “for YEAAAAAAARS!” and wondered if I’m ever going to “get the baby out”. 😂 Same, son. Same. Not too much longer!

30 weeks

Dear God, thank You for a blessed and healthy week. Thank You for good news from the dr this week and for our baby growing so well. Please keep him healthy and safe! Thank You for helping us find a name for him and I pray that he will be blessed throughout his life as he is a blessing to us. Please help everything to go well regarding when and if and who does our induction. Please work it all out beautifully to Your will. In Jesus’ name, amen.