We are finally having a verbal explosion over here!! Right at the cut-off for the pediatrician wanting us to start speech therapy, Zane has started saying words!! I’m so glad our pediatrician was able to give me calming advice based on his experience with his own son who also didn’t start talking until 18 months.

When we were on vacation last month, I asked Zane if he could say cookie. Plain as day he said “cookie!” over and over, so I ran down the hall of our hotel room to the vending machine and immediately bought him a cookie! Then he proceeded to say mama, dada, Tru, Levi, baby, buttcrack (yes, buttcrack) and I forget what all else he said. DH and I were sitting there in disbelief! It’s like Zane could talk all along and just didn’t want to or didn’t realize he could. He isn’t saying a lot of words regularly but he’s saying a few every day. His babbling has taken on a sentence structure and he uses the same sounds in his babbling. For example, he says “guys”, “bock” and “backa” in his babbling every day. I have no idea what he means by those things although I think he may be using “backa” for binky.

Zane is now saying daily:

Dog-dog – the name he calls his favorite stuffed dog

Shoe, or usually shoe shoe shoe

Wa – for water

Baba – for his cup or bottle

Belly and baby – while pointing to my belly

Bar – for granola bars. It’s pretty much his most favorite food at the moment.

Bu – for Buddy our dog. (side note: we couldn’t have picked a better dog if we’d ordered him out of a catalog! He’s awesome with the kids. They love him and he loves them. Every single day he gets hugs and is always trying to be right with them. I’m so glad God blessed us with a great dog for our boys to love.)

So, I mentioned Zane’s binky… It is no more. He’s given it up without any fight at all! We were completely shocked by that! He was so attached to it that we actually had to take it away because he sucked on it so much and so aggressively that he was causing his teeth to shift outwards. I know this is usually a problem when kids keep their pacifier longer but for him it was becoming a real problem, real fast! I’d hoped he could keep it until after we had settled in with the new baby, but due to his teeth and also the fact that he had only one binky left that was still safe (he had bitten some of them so I’d been throwing them away), it was time. He would also only take one brand and they are no longer being made, so there was that too. Anyway, one night we put him to bed without it and he was fine! He was fine the next day, only asking for it a few times and I just diverted his attention to something else. By day 3 he found his binky, sucked on it for a minute or two and spit it out. He never once cried! I can’t believe how well that went. 🙂 I think it helps that his go-to comfort items have been his blankies and stuffed animals lately, so the loss of his binkies was much more bearable.

One struggle we’ve been having is that sweet, little, easy going, happy as a clam Zane has started throwing these big and rough temper tantrums. Screaming is minimal, crying is aggressive but the real problem is the biting, throwing and hitting. So.much.throwing. I’m not really sure what to do. Attempts to calm him down by talking to him or holding him result in more anger and hitting/throwing. Ignoring him until he calms down results in him trying to throw items directly into our face. Reprimanding him firmly with a “No! Don’t throw things at Mommy!” seems to be most effective, but almost always results in him falling to the floor crying and sobbing. Then he will either be fine, or the fit will circle back around to throwing and hitting again. The vast majority of his fits have no obvious reason. He will be happy and then he’s not. No warning! I think part of his anger is that he senses something is up with me. He’s started noticing my belly over the last month and he wants to pull up my shirt and lay his head on it. He will be happily snuggling my belly and then he will just suddenly pinch my belly really hard, repeatedly, angrily, and when I pull my shirt down and tell him no, he gets mad, cries and a whole fit ensues. I know he’s starting to grasp the idea of a baby and considering that he is extremely jealous of Tru or Levi being in my lap or even of DH hugging me, I think a lot of this fit throwing stuff is a sign of jealousy. I try to snuggle him as much as I can but he’s so independent now that he’s not interested in much of that.

Anyway, I mentioned in my pregnancy post about his mullet being gone now. I’m still sad about that but he’s such an adorable big boy now that I can’t be too sad. His favorite things to do right now are:

  • Dance
  • Sing
  • Play his guitar or play air guitar on his chest and belly 😂
  • Play outside
  • Ride his big wheel bike
  • Get in on whatever game Tru and Levi are playing. This is mostly ok but sometimes he messes up their games and they get frustrated. He gets super hurt feelings when they play in their room with the door shut. 🙁
  • He loves to vacuum all the rooms with his toy vacuum while I use mine.
  • Eating snacks and especially granola bars
  • Running!!!
  • Sometimes he likes to watch cartoons with his brothers

He still loves sleeping in and sometimes gets downright excited to go down for naps. I still have to wake him up in the morning about 50% of the time. We have an appointment with his dr next week to follow up about whether we want to go ahead with the sleep study to see why Zane’s sleeping hours are so excessive. He has gained weight really well the last couple months though and is now up to 22lbs!

This I getting really long, so I’ll end it here for now and hopefully I can update again after his next checkup. 🙂

Dear God, thank You for this beautiful sweet and intelligent little baby person who gives us so much love and joy in our lives. Please keep him healthy and safe and help us be the best parents for him that we can be. In Jesus’ name, amen.