I’m really hitting a wall with this tiredness all of a sudden. I can usually keep going and power through but lately I feel like I’m going to just literally fall asleep wherever I am and no matter what I’m doing. Eh, I guess it’s the normal end of pregnancy obligatory tiredness. I just always forget from one baby to the next exactly how profound it is!

I’m having a lot more periods of breathlessness, especially when standing. Oftentimes to the point that I have to sit down for a few minutes. Talking while walking is just not an option anymore. Which makes our walks at the track super boring for the kids since we can’t talk about stuff without me having to stop. I’m also having nausea just about every day but nowhere near the level of awfulness that I experienced in the first trimester! Mostly I can’t seem to take more than a few sips of water without feeling sick and sometimes food just doesn’t look or taste appealing. The nausea comes on with no warning but it usually doesn’t last too long.

But on the more positive side, the kicks and rolls are stronger than ever and baby seems to really like interacting with our touches. I’m not for sure what his current position is but I keep feeling what I assume is a hand/arm around my belly button area. He pushes out and I push in and we do this over and over. Sometimes he will keep poking the same spot over and over for close to an hour! I never had movement like this with Levi or Zane but I did with Tru. I assumed with Levi that I couldn’t feel too much definition of body parts because of having an anterior placenta and then with Zane I thought it was because I was heavier. But I’m currently the heaviest I’ve ever been and feeling individual limbs quite plainly. I’m almost convinced this baby has low fluid like Tru did. Hopefully not, but I guess we should find out how the fluid level looks in a few days at the growth ultrasound.

I don’t have an updated weight this week. All I know is that my months-long craving for zucchini is finally starting to wane a bit, much to the joy and thankfulness of DH and the kids, I’m sure. 😂 We have seriously had some form of zucchini at the majority of our suppers over the last few weeks and I think everyone is just a tad burned out on it. Coke freezes sound as good as they always do but I’m not having any real cravings or aversions lately.

One odd thing that I plan to mention to the dr is that the left side of my face has been going numb off and on for an entire month now. It’s usually a few minutes at a time but it’s really weird. And my right foot has some weird positional numbness, which is probably a pinched nerve. It only happens when I flex my foot upwards but it always catches me by surprise.

I went and got my hair done this week. My sister was supposed to meet me at the salon and watch the kids but she got stuck in a major traffic jam. I told the hair stylist the situation and that I’d probably have to cut the hair appointment short but she (also a mom of 4 boys) said we’d just start the cutting process and see how the boys did and if they were fine, we’d do the highlights too. Tru and Levi were fine until they started getting a little antsy at the end. (I was there 2 whole hours!!!) Zane sat in his carseat happily until the very last foil was being put in and then he started screaming. Thankfully I was able to keep him mostly entertained with magazines and unlimited suckers throughout the rest of the process and wash. It wasn’t easy or relaxing but we made it! I let the stylist have full rein over the color and the cut. I don’t love it, to be honest, but I’m a really bad judge of style so… Maybe it’s great. Haha. All I know is I’m so so so happy to have all the crunchy ends gone! Then the stylist offered to cut Zane’s mullet and I agreed cause it really needed cut but now I’m all kinds of sad and regretting that decision… Sigh. It was such a perfect mullet!

I present to you, mullet perfection

After the hair appointment, the boys and I checked into a hotel about an hour from home for the night (we had a free night to use). Our hope was to swim and watch movies on our “mini vacation” since DH was out of town on his fishing trip. I figured the boys and I could use a break from the daily grind and we might as well just enjoy ourselves. We ate a quick lunch in our room and then headed down to the pool. My sister and her boyfriend showed up to say hi since they were driving through town, right as we were getting ready, so they hung out by the pool for a bit while we swam. Zane was super overtired by that point, so after our swim, we went back to the room and watched a movie. Then we went to the store next door and bought supper and snacks and ice cream and watched another movie with popcorn and hot chocolate. My favorite part was Zane nodding off and sleeping with his head on my belly. 🙂

Cute babies snuggling. Also, post-perfect-mullet removal. I’m taking this really hard y’all!

Little ppl chilling and watching movies.

In the morning we went down to breakfast and then had a slow moving morning while the boys watched part of another movie. We checked out and went to the park after that but it started raining, so we came home.

Anyway, yeah… Still waiting for that nesting energy to hit me so I can get stuff done around here. Hopefully going to buy the dresser we need this weekend so we can be another step closer to getting things set up for baby! 🤗

29 weeks 2 days

Dear God, thank You for beautiful weather to enjoy and for all the fun we’ve had this week. Please protect and help us all as we get through this last bit of pregnancy before our little baby joins the outside world. Thank You for him, so much! In Jesus’ name, amen.