Sometimes when I’m sitting there quietly just feeling the baby kick and wiggle, I think how fast the time is going and how soon this pregnancy will be over. I get sentimental about the whole process and I forget how uncomfortable I am. I just want this to last forever. …. And then I have to get up … And I remember that my back aches, my pelvis aches (although not nearly as bad as previous pregnancies), I’m not sleeping well, the pelvic pressure has officially kicked in over the last couple weeks and I have major stomach cramps. Then I feel much more of the traditional third trimester ready-to-be-done sentiments. But hey, I’ve actually done quite well this pregnancy once the morning sickness faded. I truly can’t complain. I’m at my all-time heaviest weight and I’m older now but I still feel pretty decent over all. 

Speaking of weight, I’ve gained 29ish pounds. It may be more or less, depending on swelling. I wasn’t having too much swelling until this week. Despite the fact that everyone ever feels the need to ask if my due date is wrong and if I feel like I’m going to pop, because I’m SO BIG, and commenting that my baby will be 10lbs…. I personally still feel like my belly is pretty reasonable. It’s definitely getting heavier (baby should be close to 3lbs now and around 17″, according to google) but it’s rather compact. Like it sticks out front but not very wide. Of course, all that is bound to change rapidly now that we’ve entered the final trimester and baby’s goal in life currently is to gain as much weight as possible before birth. Hopefully everyone will be able to handle watching my belly get even bigger! 😂 (Fwiw, thankfully I’m not the type to be put off much by these comments. I think people feel like they need to say something about the pregnancy and unfortunately they just don’t use much wisdom on what they say. Certainly none of it has been mean spirited and I think it’s just a matter of foot-in-mouth. 😂)
Sleep isn’t great but sometimes I take a unisom and get a decent night. I tend to get up 3-6 times to pee. It’s so dissatisfying though because I feel like I have to go SO BAD, RIGHT NOW but then it’s not even very much at all. I switch back and forth between sleeping at the top and bottom of the bed to get comfortable. To be honest, DH is a massive bedhog and I’m no skinny mini, so sharing the space is a bit maddening. Oh to go back in time and buy the king size bed instead…. 

Anyway, I don’t have a ton of Braxton Hicks contractions so far but the ones I do have are very strong. Definitely reminding me of the way early labor feels. I’m interested to see if I have less contractions as I near my due date. That’s been the way my previous pregnancies have all gone, strangely enough. I’ve started drinking my raspberry leaf tea here and there. I really felt like it might have helped me have such productive contractions and a fast labor last time, but who knows. (it doesn’t cause contractions but it is said to help tone the uterus) Truly I just like the taste of it iced with splenda and it has lots of nutrients in it that are good for me and the baby. So whether it really does help or if it’s just an old wives tale, I will definitely use the excuse to drink it. 😉 

I’m able to feel baby’s individual body parts now when I push on my belly. I feel him push back in return and it’s so much fun to poke him and feel him poke back. He doesn’t like ANY pressure on my belly and sometimes it feels like he’s trying to roll me over when I lay on my side by pushing so hard against the bed-facing side of my belly. I’m 90% sure he’s head down now because I started feeling him hiccup every morning and most evenings around 26 weeks and the hiccups are in my low abdomen. I also feel what I think might be a knee around my belly button area. He definitely rolls around a lot as I feel kicks on my right upper belly some days but not others. I can also feel his back sometimes but not others. His kicks are very strong now. Occasionally I get those weird “cervix” jabs. I have no idea what hes doing but it feels like he’s trying to drill his way out. 😂 Surprisingly, I’ve had very little round ligament pain at all this time round. I guess everything finally got stretched out permanently. 🤣  

The weather has been gorgeous the last week and we’ve spent a lot of time taking the boys fishing and for walks. I am in serious need of doing an update on Zane! Suffice it to say, finally we are having a language boom over here! I’m so glad! 🙂 

Dear God, thank You for another wonderful week and for blessing us with all this beautiful cool weather to enjoy. Please continue to keep us safe and healthy. In Jesus’ name, amen.