I’m totally gobsmacked. I get it that he’s growing up but like…. How??? How is he old enough to be losing teeth? 

We were sitting on the porch this morning and Tru was eating an apple when he said “Mommy, my bottom teeth hurts when I eat my apple.” I took a look to see what was going on, not expecting to see a bleeding and wiggly tooth! Tru was so excited- I was so sad – and Levi cried. “I’m not going to lose MY teeth. I’m going to do a good job brushing my teeth. …. Tru, this is because you don’t scrub your teeth enough!” No amount of talk would convince him that losing teeth is normal. 

After some heavy duty consoling, Levi finally calmed down and we played in the sand box while Tru sat on the picnic table singing “I’m gonna lost a tooth! I’m gonna lost a tooth!” for like… An hour. Oh my goodness. And he also made plans for the tooth fairy to bring him a stuffed animal guinea pig (she couldn’t find one but she found a cute mommy/baby panda bear set). I made lunch and he took a couple bites of his sandwich and declared it hurt too much to eat. A couple minutes later he said “Mommy?…. I lost my tooth.” and came up to me smiling with his tooth in hand. 

Levi cried. Like, sobbed big huge crocodile tears. “I don’t want to lost a tooth!!! It’ll hurt!!!!” Tru kept telling him that it didn’t hurt when it fell out but Levi was not convinced. 

So, yeah. My tiny little Tru-Tru has already graduated to the age of losing teeth. Next up he’ll probably be driving or starting college. 😲