Ok, I’m really starting to feel the belly this week! I’m feeling out of breath a lot and feeling like my belly is putting so much pressure on my lungs and stomach. My boobs are also ridiculously heavy and my chest is still covered in acne. Hey though, at least it’s not on my face much. 😉 The SPD pain is much more constant now and it’s harder to get comfortable at night and I still wake up on my back or find myself trying to roll onto my belly in the night. I don’t know what happened but I gained THREE pounds this week for a grand total of 19. Yikes! I did let myself go rather crazy with the treats on the day of my mil’s tea room grand opening but still, 3lbs???

I was also under a ton of stress this week as my grandpa was in the hospital and it sounded like the end might be near. He’s actually home now and doing somewhat better but it was a few very emotional days. Almost my entire family was traveling this week also which always is stressful knowing they’re on the road for extended periods of time. Most of them are home safely now, thank the Lord. Just my dad and sister are still traveling. 

Ok, this post definitely got off on a negative foot. This week hasn’t been all bad though! We worked on plans for the addition and we are hoping to get that underway in the next couple weeks. Getting quotes on the basement now… I’d like most of it done before August. And since we are not getting any younger and it looks like we will be here for the foreseeable future, I decided to finally buy and plant some flowering trees. I’ve literally said for the last decade that I’d like to have some flowering trees someday. The other day I was like, it’s now or never! So, the boys and I bought 2 varieties of apple trees and a profusion crabapple tree. The crabapple tree is quite large and I had a rather humorous experience getting it into the van. The boys thought it was hilarious that the tree was about as long as the van and the branches were just everywhere. 😂 We also picked up sand for their sandbox. They talked me into the colored blue sand. It costs about triple what natural sand costs but hey, you’re only a kid once! 

Shye’s kicks are another level now. He’s got some strength in those leggies! I’ve even felt a few of those breath-catching cervix jabs. Always a weird feeling! I think I’ve felt hiccups a couple times. Mostly I feel him kick on the left side below my belly button but sometimes it feels like he’s everywhere all at once. I can sometimes feel his body shape when I put my hand on my belly. I feel some round shape at the upper right of my belly which I’m assuming it’s his head since the kicks are down low. Hopefully he gets into a head down position soon. I know he’s got plenty of time but after having one breech baby who never turned, I’m always a little nervous. 😬 

I don’t think I have any other important news to share right now. My sister who lives a couple states away is coming by to see us for a few hours. She had some stuff to take care of here but unfortunately she’s only on a quick visit. We will try to make the most of it! 

Dear God, thank You for a blessed week with lots of answered prayers. Please help us and guide our plans for the future and for building on or whatever is Your will for our family. Please watch over Shye and help him to be well and healthy. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

I don’t have any belly pics this week, so I’ll leave you with these baby bluebird growth pics I’ve been sending my bird loving sister every day or 2. Sorry they are in the reverse order. I’d change them around but I’d rather go get a shower. 😂