My sister got married on Sunday 4/7 and I couldn’t be happier. Both for her happiness in marrying the man of her dreams, and especially because the wedding stress is finally over. 😂 Shew! That was a long day. Over 12 straight hours of going nonstop (I didn’t actually have any responsibilities outside of delivering 202 cupcakes safely to the venue, but the KIDS! 🤣) and then finally getting home to rest. I was having frequent Braxton Hicks contractions by then, so I sat down to rest with my poofy ankles propped up. My other sister M was over for a couple hours, so she brought me water and rubbed my feet for awhile and the contractions went away so I could go to bed. The boys were so incredibly cute in their matching suits but somehow I managed to forget my camera and I don’t have one single wedding picture of my own! Thankfully the photographer was in overdrive all day, so I know we will have lots of great pics to look back on in a few weeks. 

We had the joy of getting to visit with lots of out of state family members due to them coming in for the wedding. My cousin stayed with us a few days with his sweet dog. It was so nice to catch up with everyone. 🙂 
The SPD pain has flared up and down with some days being mild and others being much worse to the point that I can’t even sleep well some nights. Unfortunately I started having skin irritation from the kinsio tape I bought recently. The brand I was originally using was out of stock it I’m hoping I’ll find a brand with no irritation because that stuff is seriously the best! 

The boys and I have been getting outside almost every day this last week as the weather has been gorgeous! Tru has been looking for bees as he decided that he likes bees again. He had stepped on a bee last year and was scared for awhile but he’s been fascinated lately by the way they collect nectar and make honey. Actually, anything scientific or biological is enthralling to Tru lately. He has been getting us to read him a chapter a day of a Human Anatomy book. He asked me the other day “Mommy, how do people write books that are soooo istering?? (Interesting)” 😂 He seriously needs to be a dr someday. Haha.

Anyway, the baby is getting increasingly stronger with his movements. A few days ago I saw my whole belly shake when he was bouncing around! I usually feel him having a dance party at night when I lay on my left side. I have also noticed that he doesn’t kick in the morning until after I get out of bed and move around. I think he’s still asleep and when I get up and walk around, it wakes him up. Which I mean, how freaking cute is that?!?!! 😍❤️ I love him so much! Also, DH finally got to feel him moving yesterday. 🙂 

I haven’t weighed myself in a few days but last time I checked I was up 13lbs. No cravings currently. Taco Bell sounds disgusting (usually I like it) but not really any strong aversions lately. Sometimes I have swelling in my calves and feet when I’m standing a lot. Nothing too serious. 😉

Dear God, thank You for a great week of getting to visit with family and enjoy our time together. Thank You also for a great week of pregnancy. Please keep everything going smoothly and healthy. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

Sorry for the awkward pic lol! Its terribly windy today (there was even a tornado a few towns away) and the wind had got my hair in a mess.