Oh my goodness, this week!!! Life has been entirely too busy this week. Last Friday (3/29) I took Zane for his well check up, except he wasn’t well. At 5am that morning he’d started a fever. The dr said we could test for influenza but it really wouldn’t make a difference in how we treated Zane’s sickness. Because of the likelihood of tamiflu causing gastro symptoms and not wanting to do the flu test, we just treated with Tylenol, Motrin and tons of snuggles all day. Levi was on the tail end of a mild cold, so I think that’s all Zane had since his only different symptom was a fever. Naturally I came down with a sore throat as well just to fit in. 🙄😏 

Because of Zane being sick, it was hard to evaluate his general health but his 18 month checkup is in May anyway. We did go ahead and check his iron that day since it had been 9 a few months ago. It came back at 12 this time and the dr said he thought the 9 reading was a mistake. Zane is tentatively going to be getting a sleep study done to see if apnea might be the underlying cause for his extreme need to sleep. (I think I wrote about this in his last update.) I want to discuss it more with his dr next month. For now I’m waking him after 12 hours. 

Otherwise, he is still a little guy. Only 21.5lbs in the 20th percentile and his head is 46.5cm in 11th. He is tall though. I forget the inches but he’s 75th for height! He is 17 months on the 11th and still no words. 😦 He’s said a few and then stopped. The dr said we can reevaluate that next month and if he’s still not talking we can see about next steps. 

Ok…. So last weekend my brother and his wife of like, 5 minutes (actually, 4 weeks) announced that she is pregnant. We had our suspicions but she took a test last week and confirmed it. They’re super thrilled and I’m super… concerned… I’m just gonna leave it at that. 😂

Then this weekend my sister S is getting married. I’ve spent the entire day – ENTIRE DAY – cleaning the house to get ready for the weekend and all the rush that takes place during these kinds of events. And let’s be honest here, it’s not even like it’s going to still be clean by tomorrow. Or even by bedtime tonight. 😂😒 In the midst of the cleaning I baked 208 cupcakes that I need to decorate tomorrow. That sounds like it would take all day to bake that many cupcakes but actually it took about 4 hours. While they were in the oven I made supper and cleaned the bathroom and did other things here and there, so it’s not like I was tied to the oven all that time. Hopefully they are beautiful in the end. 🎂

Even with all this going on, I noticed the baby is kicking much harder this week. Whenever I’m in the car I notice him kicking at stops. Either he hates the car or loves it. 😂 He seems to have found my bladder and enjoys jumping on it like a trampoline. I love when I lay down at night and he starts jumping all around. I still haven’t gotten DH or the boys to hold still long enough to definitely feel him move but hopefully soon! (These men are all so impatient.) 🤣 

I booked a trip to Colorado next month and then asked my dr if that was ok. She had the nurse call back and say that I could go and everything should be ok BUT, it would take my body some time to adjust to the altitude and I’d have to rest and drink a lot of water, blah blah blah. That’s not my kind of trip though. If I wasn’t pregnant, sure. No big deal. But I don’t want to risk feeling sick on vacation while I’m 6 months pregnant, so I cancelled it and I’m looking at other options. 

In other news, I’m up 11-13lbs, depending on the day. Belly has definitely popped a lot more this week! Not craving anything too much right now and no strong aversions. Still feeling really good most of the time! 🙂 

This is actually from 19+3 but I wanted to share it. Levi jumped in the shot while DH was taking my belly pic and I thought it turned out cute. 🙂

Dear God, thank You for another great week of pregnancy and for helping me get the stuff done that I need to do. Please keep all of my children safe and healthy and I pray that we will have a good spring. In Jesus’ name, amen.