Just a quick update. Today I’m 30. Wow. I’m kind of sad to be out of my 20s, honestly. But eh, time flies by, what can you do? As they say, getting older sure beats the alternative. 😉

I have been eyeing the 10 day forecast just waiting for it to say rain. It almost always rains on my birthday (gotta love March, right?!) but it kept looking nice and warm!! It sprinkled for only a few minutes this morning. Otherwise it was a gorgeous sunny day. I took my babies for a walk at the track and to run a few errands, then we came home and my parents came by with my brother A for a bit. I made turtle brownies and a special chicken salad and a quick skillet dinner. 🙂 DH surprised me with the 20 gallon fish tank that I’ve been eyeing for our huge goldfish. We still have to get more gravel and add more water but we did get him moved over from his 5 gallon tank. I’m so glad because he can finally swim more!! He’s really very large for a goldfish. So now I have a betta in my bedroom, a betta in my living room and a 20 gallon tank with the goldfish. It’s getting out of hand guys… And let’s not forget I now have a 5 gallon tank just begging for another fish … Trying to talk myself into giving that tank away. I don’t have anymore room! 😂

Living the crowded life in his small tank

All the plants are real. I have air plants in the shell vases. There are also moss balls in the tank for better water quality.

I’m feeling baby less this week. I think he’s turned towards my back again. :/ I really love his little flips and flops and hope he gets where I can feel him more again.

I’ve gained 10lbs now and I’m craving frozen coffee, salad and sweets. I keep making these amazing salads and I’m just…. I could eat that every day for supper. Unfortunately, the rest of my family doesn’t agree. 😂

But Zane seems to like it!

Zane’s version of salad currently.

A kid sized salad

Excuse the mess in the background but…. 😋

Who says salad should be boring? I add avocado, green/red/yellow/orange peppers, carrots, beets, chicken, hard boiled egg, cheese… Whatever we have on hand! 
I got a new pack of kt tape in the mail and I tried a new way of taping my belly. This pattern is definitely the best support so far and I had very little SPD pain today!! I need to do a whole separate post on this once I get better at it. 

I think that’s it guys… Aside from being a little more tired and a little more breathless throughout the day, I’m feeling pretty much awesome. I’m so happy! This is definitely the best phase of pregnancy for me. 

Dear God, thank You for 30 years on this earth and for my beautiful family. Thank You for all the blessings You’ve given me over the years. Please watch over my loved ones and protect each one. In Jesus’ name, amen.