This week has been so full and busy! Amidst the prep for the joint bridal shower that my sisters and I threw for our sister and sister-in-law, we also had our anatomy scan and 18 week checkup. The anatomy scan was great and I can’t say enough how awesome the sonographer was. She really took her time and explained everything to us. Sometimes when people hear that this is our 4th baby, they just assume we know everything, but actually there’s a lot that is checked on the anatomy scan that I didn’t know about! She walked us through each detail and gave us some really great pics. She also confirmed that baby is absolutely still w boy. Or, as the Dr put it, “nothing fell off.” 😂

Thankfully DH was able to leave work early and go with me, which was a treat for both of us. My sisters babysat so we even crammed in a little date. 😉 Our appointment was at 1pm for the ultrasound. It lasted about 40 minutes. Then we headed to the cafeteria for lunch before our 2:45pm checkup. We literally spent 6 minutes waiting for and talking to the Dr, there just wasn’t much to say. She didn’t have the ultrasound report back but she did clear me to fly so we can book our vacation. 🙂 

After that, we hit up several stores looking for bikes for Tru and Levi. It was Levi’s birthday that day and we really wanted to get him a big boy bike. It wouldn’t be any fun for him to ride alone, so we bought Tru one too. Levi also got sunglasses and we got all the boys lifejackets to wear at the beach if that’s where we end up vacationing. Then we grabbed some quick supper at steak and shake so we could get home to eat ice cream cake with Levi for his birthday. 🙂 

The bridal shower was Saturday and it went amazingly well. The venue we booked was gorgeous and took very little decorating to get it ready for the party. The games were hilarious, particularly watching the girls get dressed in toilet paper dresses. They received so many awesome gifts as well. 😉 

So, today I had planned to go to church and then take the boys to ride their bikes at the track. Unfortunately, we pulled into church and I heard that all too familiar sound of retching. I got the van door opened as fast as I could and grabbed Levi out just in time to save a huge mess on the carpet. He proceeded to throw up 3 times in a few minutes, so needless to say, we sent a friend inside to let DH know we couldn’t stay. (He gets there early to set up and I bring the kids later.) I can’t figure where Levi got sick from since I purposely haven’t taken them anywhere for the last several days in an effort to avoid them getting sick when I was trying to throw the shower. (It’s been an hour and no more barf. 🙏🤞) Yesterday my BIL brought his kids over to play while his wife and I were at the shower but their kids weren’t sick, so…. Idk. Maybe Levi just ate something this morning that didn’t agree with him. Tru and Levi were so disappointed to change our plans of bike riding, so I’m just waiting in town for a bit to see if any more barf happens or if we can still go. 

In pregnancy related news, the day after my last post were I said I couldn’t feel the baby kicking, he literally started giving me kicks at 17+2!! I’ve felt him every day since. (He’s actually kicking around right now.) Granted, it’s very light and I have to really pay attention, but I do feel some light taps and flops and flutters. He must have just been facing my back before. Also, according to our ultrasound he only weights 9oz, so he’s still quite tiny! I think he measured a day or two behind but I doubt my drs will change my due date. Cervix was 3.8cm. 

I’ve been experiencing some swelling to the point that my left ankle has a bruise in a ring around it from my socks yesterday. It makes it hard to judge my weight gain when I have swelling some days but not others. I think I’m up around 10-11lbs. Definitely trying to keep up with at least a few walks a week pushing the stroller with Zane. Getting workouts in at home is harder just due to the kids being around all the time. My pelvic pain is definitely still very present but I’ve been using kensio tape on my lower belly to lift and support. It’s amazing!! 

Other than that, I feel really good!! A tad more breathless than usual and maybe a tad more tired, but I’m definitely in the honeymoon phase of pregnancy! I don’t feel sick or queasy often at all and seldom for more than a few minutes at a time. Feeling the baby is just amazing and I’m definitely enjoying this trimester a lot more. 🙂 

Dear God, thank You for a wonderful week and for helping me feel so great. Thank You for a good ultrasound and the opportunity to bond with this sweet baby through kicks and his sweet pictures. Please help everything to keep going well. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

18 weeks 3 days