Oh Levi. How is it possible this kid is already turning 4 tomorrow?? How??? He’s been telling everyone “I’m turning 4 in March”. I don’t even know how he knows that because I don’t recall telling him that but this kid remembers darn near everything. Tomorrow we are planning to celebrate with chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing and something about Mickey mouse on top. Hopefully I can find what he’s looking for! 😉 He wants a bike really bad, so I hope to find him one tomorrow! (Not like I’m rushing around at the last minute or anything. 🙄)
Currently Levi is 39lbs, 41.75″ tall and growing like a weed! He’s super goofy and laughs all the time. He likes to make other people laugh too. He likes to sing with Mommy and play guitar, drums or keyboard with Daddy. He’s the one kid I can count on to hug me multiple times a day for no reason at all other than he loves me and has a high desire for affection. He’s constantly telling everyone in our family “I love you!”, including the dog. 
Levi’s artistic abilities have started to emerge rapidly the last couple months. He’s drawing real little people now with facial expressions and hair and glasses and everything. A few months ago I couldn’t decipher his scribbles but now it’s a clear picture. 😊 He loves to color but mostly to draw his own pictures (and sometimes color on his body… But we won’t talk about that). 

I can count on this boy to clean up and make his bed. Some days it takes some bribery and a lot of reminding and other days he’s on the job and getting it done faster than I can blink. It really just depends. One thing is for sure, Levi can be really really stubborn when he wants to be. But he’s also so soft hearted that he just can’t stay mad for long. He’d rather be having fun and back to playing, or watching his favorite shows which definitely do not include Sesame Street, for some reason. He loves to laugh when Caillou comes on and giggle while he asks me if I like that show because Levi knows I literally cannot stand it at all! (Caillou is some next level kind of annoying, let me tell you! But that’s another story.) 

Play dough, slime, markers, mud, finger paint… If it’s messy, Levi loves it. He plays hard and he sleeps hard. As long as Tru let’s him go to sleep at night, he’s usually out right away. But he’s also an early riser because he’s got things to do!! Naps are a thing of the past and aside from a rare nap once or twice a month, most days he just takes a quiet time in his room for a bit and colors or plays something quiet. Even though it’s not sleeping, his body definitely needs the rest period. Lately he’s been coming into our room once a night and snuggles for a few minutes and then goes back to bed. We asked him why and he said “I’m not cozy enough in my room.” I’m not sure what that means exactly but as long as he wants to climb in bed and snuggle for a few minutes, I’m ok with that. 😉 

Levi is a good eater almost all the time. There are days he swears he cannot stand whatever food it is that he positively loved just last week, but most days I can count on him to eat 3 square meals and at least 5,000 snacks. Sometimes there is a snack before I get a chance to get their breakfast! Usually breakfast is cereal or oatmeal followed by a snack about an hour later. Then lunch, which is usually a pb and honey sandwich (WHOLE, no halves for this boy) and maybe some fruit, or leftovers from supper, and then a snack a little later. Without fail, these boys are always trying to get a snack while I make supper. I try to hold them off 5 MORE MINUTES and then after supper they have another snack or two before bedtime. I can’t complain though. They snack pretty healthy. Yogurt, apples, bananas, cutie oranges, cheese, tortillas (🤢), carrots, raisins, lunchmeat… Basically whatever they can reach in the fridge. 😜 

Preschool has been pretty much the most exciting thing ever this year and even though we don’t get to do it every day right now, Levi begs and begs to do his school work. He’s gotten so much better at tracing the letters and numbers just in the last few months! At the beginning of the school year it was a painstaking process to make a letter or number but now he’s really good at it. He definitely knows all his colors well and lots of shapes. Categorizing (what would you wear in the winter, etc) and sequencing are some new things we are working on that he enjoys. 🙂 

I’m so thankful for a beautiful and fun year with my second little boy. He’s a pleasure to be around and I wouldn’t trade his hugs and “love you, mommy” for anything in the world! I love watching him grow and learn and bless us with his sweet and gentle personality. I love my Levi! 💙 
Dear God, thank You for a beautiful year with a beautiful boy. Please help us to raise him well and protect his sweet spirit and gentle qualities while also helping him grow in all his strengths. Please bless and protect Levi all throughout his life. Thank You for him in our lives. In Jesus’ name, amen.