I missed my update last week. The week was so crazy and just flew by in a whirl of wedding prep for my brother’s wedding and then post-wedding recovery. I actually wasn’t supposed to be very involved in the process, aside from being a bridesmaid. But in the end they were short a groomsman and I had pre-volunteered myself for kitchen duty in the event that a groomsman couldn’t be there. Then I somehow volunteered myself to make 100 cupcakes (my sister L came and helped me, thank goodness!) when the woman we asked to do them didn’t have time. As I was setting up the food ONE HOUR BEFORE THE CEREMONY, I discovered that due to an accidental lack of communication, the food my mom and sisters had prepped for the 70+ guests HADN’T BEEN COOKED YET!! Not only that, but some of the meat was still frozen. 😱😬 I’d already spent the morning making 15 cups of rice in 3 seperate batches and was just pouring the food into the warming pans. Yikes!!! So I ended up cooking shishkabob on the stove top in 2 batches in a stock pot, and my trusty instant pot cooked the 3rd batch. Everything finished at 3:27pm, at which point I grabbed my kids and ran from the kitchen to the sanctuary in time to sit down for the 3:30 wedding. Shew!!! Thankfully my older sister was able to wrestle Zane through the ceremony so I was free to run to the kitchen to stir the food in the warmers. All of my younger sisters made gorgeous bridesmaids and 2 of my younger brothers were handsome groomsmen. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ My brother and his wife had a beautiful little wedding and I’m so glad it’s over and we all pulled together and pulled it off for them. So thankful!! 

Anyway, the pregnancy news is why you’re here so…. I’ve had a few rough days of nausea and a few that are much MUCH better. Restless legs are definitely a daily/nightly occurrence now but thanks to my friend J for sending me some magnesium spray a couple months ago, I’m actually able to get relief quickly! So, the magnesium is actually good for a lot of things, including insomnia and morning sickness. My sickness has been too powerful to be combatted by basically anything, but a few sprays of magnesium on my legs and low back at night and I’m able to calm the burning/crawling feeling in my legs and get some sleep!! In the past I’ve taken magnesium in pill or powder form, but when I’m struggling to get those options down, the spray is absolutely amazing to have! 

I’m definitely having some more noticeable round ligament pain this week and a weird pulling pain in my right thigh/groin area. But since baby is growing very rapidly, that’s to be expected. I really just can’t wait to start feeling movement regularly! I’ve definitely felt a few flutters and felt a soft flopping feeling when I was laying in bed one night at 15+1. But no really obvious movement yet. I thought I’d feel baby soon since I have a fundal placenta this time, but nope. 

And, I think that’s about it! My sister is getting married next month and at the advice of my hematologist, she has to get a pre-ttc clotting panel done next week. Hopefully she is good to go and doesn’t have any clotting disorders. Keep her in your prayers for good results!! It’s interesting though… Finding out that I had clotting issues was actually an answer to my prayers! I hoped something would come up that would be easily treatable and I could finally carry a pregnancy. Of course for my sister, finding out she has to take shots during pregnancy would be devastating! Crazy how life works sometimes. 

Dear God, please help S to get good results at her dr appointment and to have healthy successful pregnancies in the future. Please continue to bless me and this baby in our pregnancy journey. Help us to stay safe and healthy. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

15 weeks 6 days

Edited to add: I forgot to say that I’m up 7lbs and I’m so happy that I started doing light workouts again. Starting slow and easy on the recumbent bike and doing squats. Hoping to add more stuff in as I build back up to working out again.