I found out today that Rocky is no longer at the shelter! I’m absolutely thrilled that he was “rescued”. (I’m not sure if that means he’s with a rescue group of if he was adopted. I didn’t ask the shelter specifically.)
I am, however, a little miffed that despite providing a complete vet record, shot and de-worming schedule and a paper stating his approximate age when we adopted him, which would have made him roughly 16 months old now… All that and they still listed his description as NOT neutered (I had him neutered last May and he had the tattoo to prove it) and UNDER a year old. 😶 I mean, I get it. Mistakes happen. But really, I don’t think it should be that difficult to notice that a dog has been fixed and to check the vet records and see the appropriate age. But whatever. 

What really made me sad is that they changed his name. And I do understand that the new owner would likely have changed his name anyway. But still … He knew his name. He answered to Rocky. Idk… 

Anyway, I’m just so relieved and glad that he was in the shelter for “only” a month (poor Rocky 😢) and that he’s hopefully enjoying his new home. I really hope he’s in a home without small children or other pets and can just be happy and loved and live a good life. I’d be devastated if the update was that he’s still sitting there waiting and waiting…..