Let’s get the gender reveal suspense out of the way before getting to the mundane details of the week. 😉 Our elective ultrasound was at 14+4 and despite my worries that it wouldn’t be easy to see at this stage, I’m feeling pretty confident that the ultrasound was correct. 🙂 I immediately saw the bits and gasped “It’s a BOY!!” and we started laughing. The sonographer wasn’t even looking for the gender yet as she wanted to get a head and femur measurement first to see if we were measuring on track. (Baby is measuring 3 days ahead at 15 weeks) It was just so obvious!! Haha!! DH was looking down for a second and heard me exclaim “It’s a BOY!!” and quickly looked up at the screen and just laughed. 

Thankfully our other little boys who had been praying for a “girl baby” took it quite well. There was no crying (which I had been worried about) and Tru agreed that he loves the baby “even though” it’s not a girl. 😂 I strongly believe the Lord knows what we need and apparently He wants us to have all the boys! The sonographer was the absolute best ever and printed Tru and Levi both a picture of the baby for their own to keep. They held onto those pictures all evening. The website said we would be getting 4 black and white prints and a sneak peek in 3d with no prints. In fact, we walked away with a gift bag containing probably 12 black and white pictures and a couple 3d. It was an awesome experience and I’m so glad we went. Baby boy was kicking and trying to flip the whole time. The sonographer remarked repeatedly that he’s very very busy. 😳 Oh my. Everyone has been asking if we are disappointed and all I can say is, I’m already so in love with this little boy there is just no way I could be disappointed. When I was a kid I always said I was going to have a bunch of boys! I’d have loved to have a daughter but at this point I’m just hoping I have awesome daughter-in-laws someday. 😉

So, the matter of a name… We are pretty sure we are going with Shye (gift) Bennett (blessed). We picked the name out a couple days before the ultrasound “just in case” baby ended up being a boy. 🤣 For the longest time DH was certain we were having a boy and then the last few days he switched to thinking it was a girl. I was pretty convinced baby was a girl, only because Tru and Levi talked me into it. 😂 

Look at how he’s snuggling me!!

That little button nose…

See how obvious even at this early stage!

He was trying to flip over here. He was putting those little legs over his head.

Ok, on to the day to day. I had hoped and really believed that morning sickness would be gone by this point, at least mostly! I did start to have a lessening of intensity of symptoms and even managed to stop taking zofran except a couple times the past 2 weeks. But this week it’s like I’ve had a major regression and I’m almost back where I started in terms of sickness. I ran out of my unisom a few nights ago and I think that’s making a difference in the severity of nausea in the mornings, so I need to pick some more up. But the last 3 days have just been so bad again. I keep telling myself that it can’t last forever. Even if I end up being sick all the way till August, there is still an end date in sight. But I really really hope I’ll get that honeymoon phase of pregnancy where I feel awesome and the nausea is finally gone. 

Despite feeling sick, I’ve still managed to put on 6lbs. I’d hoped it would be a bit less at this point but that’s not too bad really. 🙂 I’ll admit, my diet has not been that healthy the last couple weeks. We’ve been busy and running a lot of errands and keep having to eat fast food. Hopefully we can chill out a little this week. My brother’s wedding is this weekend and I have 100ish cupcakes to make. Definitely going to need some time at home to get all those done! How it was decided that I could be trusted with such an important task is beyond me. I have literally had dreams about it twice….  And they weren’t good dreams either. 😂😳

Speaking of dreams, oh my goodness!!! My dreams are driving me nuts lately. So vivid, so realistic and so loooooong. Sometimes the same dream continues all through the night. I wake up and fall asleep again and just continue the same boring dream. Mostly my dreams have centered around the 2 upcoming weddings and not getting ready in time. I sincerely hope this isn’t a sign that my brain thinks I won’t be able to prepare adequately for the baby! 😖 If anything, I feel super prepared. I literally don’t need to buy anything except diapers and new binkies. And a dresser for clothes. Piece of cupcake! Nearly all of our baby stuff is still out from Zane. 

Ok, this has gotten way longer than I intended so I’m going to go ahead and stop now. Hope you all enjoy your week!! 🙂 Maybe at some point in our lives it’ll even stop being cold and we can finally enjoy being outside again! 

Dear God, thank You for an awesome ultrasound and getting to really enjoy seeing our baby. Thank You for another son to add to our family! Please continue to protect him and help him grow strong and healthy. In Jesus’ name, amen.