This week has felt longer than the others, somehow. But thankfully I have felt the nausea continue to lessen, more to a level of constant motion sickness now (and actually, things like scrolling on my phone do make me feel worse). I had 2 days where I woke up feeling so decent that I only took 2mg of zofran and made it through the entire day! Evenings and especially bedtime are the worst time of day for me. I wouldn’t dare skip a dose of unisom yet!

I have been feeling so cold all the time since I got pregnant and the really brutal weather hasn’t helped. I think that the nausea makes me feel more cold and being cold makes me feel even worse. It’s a vicious cycle…. But the last few days have warmed up so much! We even took the kids to the park after church on Sunday. It was still a little chilly but they were so thrilled to be OUTSIDE and running around. It was great. 🙂 Today is raining but still warm so I aired the house out earlier. I have an intense desire to clean everything and I’m just waiting on the energy to do so and for the nausea to finally be in the rearview mirror. 🙂 

We booked an appointment for an elective gender ultrasound. I’m really excited and looking forward to it but I’m worried it’s too early. The place I picked has weekend appointments, which is why I chose them so that DH doesn’t have to take off work. They will tell gender at 14 weeks. That seems too early really, although, we had Zane’s gender ultrasound at 15.5 weeks and it was accurate. I emailed the sonographer and asked if she thinks we should wait another couple weeks and she wrote back to say that it’s up to us but she does them at 14 weeks every day. I just hope it turns out to be accurate!! 

I’ve enjoyed showing Tru and Levi the baby’s development for each week, using the websites online. Levi asked if the baby is ready for us to “take it out yet”. I explained that it needs time to grow it’s lungs and that I breathe for the baby right now. He seemed very intrigued by that process. 

My friend from church is due ONE day before me and it’s been so fun going through this together and getting to chat about symptoms and such. This is her first pregnancy, so I get to play the part of old wise mom. Haha!! I hope our kids will get to grow up together and be good friends. Her older step child is super sweet and gets along so well with Tru and Levi, so that’s fun. 

I’m weaning off the pio now. I’m not sure how many shots I have left but I decided to finish off my last bottle and be done. My buttcheeks are really happy to know that the end is in sight. 😅 I ran out of 1.5″ needles a couple weeks ago and the pharmacy gave me 1″ needles. I feel like the oil isn’t getting down in there far enough now and I have so many lumps! 

I gained almost 2lbs this week for a total gain of +3. I was hoping I’d get through the first trimester with no weight gain, simply because I don’t need to gain much. I started this pregnancy at a whopping T H I R T Y – F I V E pounds above my original pre pregnancy weight. But, meh… I’m watching my portions and trying to eat healthy. Once I have my ob appointment, I’d love to start working out again. Currently craving shepard’s pie and sautéed veggies, especially zucchini. 😋 

11 weeks 1 day

Dear God, thank You for all the blessings of this baby growing and the pregnancy progressing. Please help everything to keep going smoothly. In Jesus’ name, amen.