My little peanut of a boy is 14 months already! He’s still just a little guy but he sure is packed jammed-full of personality! He’s goofy and loves to look at us with his eyes wide open while nodding his “yes” very exaggeratedly. He also likes to blink his eyes at me which cracks me up. His absolute favorite thing is music and dancing and I’m shocked to see that he can actually dance with a beat and stay on it really well! He loves to tap his left leg while he dances and running is his new passion. He runs everywhere! 

Zane doesn’t say any words currently but he finds a way to get his point across. He will go get his cup and throw it in my lap if he needs a drink and he makes an “ee” or “ahhh” sound when he wants to eat. For awhile it seemed like he was saying “Dada” and sometimes “ma” directed towards us, but he doesn’t anymore. If I’m being honest, I’m a little bit worried about his lack of verbal ability. I’m trying to not get to worked up yet since he is so incredibly coordinated with his gross and fine motor skills. I almost feel like he’s putting so much effort into other things that he’s just not working on language right now. He needs to have his 15 month checkup in a couple more weeks, so I plan to share my concerns with the dr then. In the meantime we have been making a concentrated effort to repeat words to him while showing him items and trying to get him to make the sounds. The other night he was very interested in a hair brush and after repeating “brush” to him over and over while we talked about it, he smiled and said “bru”. It felt like a tiny bit of progress. At least he tried! 

Zane isn’t the most cuddly kid lately since he has so many fun and important things to do in his day, but first thing in the morning and when he’s tired, I can usually count on some good quality snuggles. I am soaking up his sweet toddler self as much as possible! Zane is always trying to keep up with the big boys. He hardly ever plays with his own toys because he always wants to be involved in everything his brothers are doing. Thankfully, they are good sports about it for the most part. Sometimes they shut him out of their room so they can build with blocks or color or other games Zane isn’t ready for and that tends to make him a little sad. He does play really well by himself though once he gets something he’s interested in doing. He likes pushing the toy cars and trucks around and playing with a ship that spits balls out. Of course, his favorite thing to play with would be any phone or tablet he can sneak away with for a minute before someone catches him. 😉😂

We’ve made the transition to mostly whole milk in his bottle (and yes, I’m sticking with the bottle for now) and sometimes he drinks toddler formula. I still have a huge stash of frozen breastmilk that he’s using up when we remember to thaw it in time. He’s usually drinking a 5-8oz bottle in the morning, another in the afternoon and usually 1 more 5-6oz bottle in the evening. When Zane decides he wants a bottle it is a dire emergency and he can’t wait .05 seconds! Thank goodness he’s finally as of this month accepting cold milk. Until now he wouldn’t even consider drinking a bottle until it was warm. 😌 As far as eating goes, he’s a pretty good eater and not very picky at all right now. He just doesn’t eat very much at any meal, so he pretty much just wants little tiny snacks all day long. As long as he’s accepting a good variety though, I consider it a win! 

He’s taking just 1 nap a day around 3pm. Usually he will sleep around 2-2.5 hours. His morning wake ups keep getting later and later though, despite him going to bed around 9:30-10pm every night. It’s not unusual lately for him to sleep until 11-12pm. When he’s not awake by 12, I get really worried and wake him up. I plan to mention this to the dr too. Is it abnormal for a baby who mostly sleeps through the night to sleep so late?? Maybe I should just enjoy it but I find it genuinely concerning. I don’t even like him going that long without eating and drinking. I know he plays hard all day and wears himself out but it still seems excessive. One thing though, he does wake up happy. 

The other day Tru said “Zane is so so cute. I’m glad God gave us this baby.” It made me so happy. 🙂 Tru has been so dedicated to taking care of Zane ever since he was born. He’s always looking out for him and finding him toys to play with and getting him his sippy cup or pacifier. It’s like Tru just has some special bond with Zane where he feels really nurturing towards him. Zane has been in a phase lately where he wants to wear his shoes a lot. I see him taking his shoes to Tru and Tru just happily puts them on Zane, completely on his own with no direction from us and I just think it’s really sweet. Naturally Levi and Zane get along well most of the time also but I’ve been noticing his special bond with Tru and Zane more and more as time goes on. 

Snuggles in Mommy’s bed. 🙂

Christmas at Great Grandma’s house wore him out!

His hair was so frizzy and i told him i was taking a picture of his hairs.

Climbing up on the couch is his latest talent/hobby. 🤦

Feeling mighty cool in his sunglasses.

Dear God, thank You so much for little Zane. He’s such a bright ray of joy in our lives and he is so loved by all of his family. Please keep him safe and healthy while he grows and learns. In Jesus’ name, amen.