Well, it’s over with. We decided to keep Buddy – the hound mix we found at the shelter. He has been absolutely phenomenal with the kids. He’s house trained (he stopped marking, knock on wood) and calm and is just generally the Mary Poppins of dogs. Practically perfect in every way. 🙂 He sheds a freaking TON though, so I’m looking into whether this is a health issue or what. I’m thinking it’s an abnormal amount of fur (it comes out in clumps), so I need to figure out how to help him get in good health. He’s around 2 years old and I think a little TLC will go a long way. 

But, back to Rocky…. we took him to the shelter on Thursday. I’m not going to say it was easy; it actually ended up being even more emotional than I had expected. I mean, sure the dog has his problems, but we had him for a year since he was just a puppy! Its a given that we would become attached. I bought him a bunch of his favorite treats before taking him and took his favorite toys so he could keep that familiarity.

Once I got to the shelter, I went inside to fill out the necessary paperwork before bringing Rocky in. I was surprised that the woman who had been very accommodating and understanding before ended up giving me quite a bit of flack. She wasn’t being straight up mean, but was definitely speaking her mind. Which, I mean, I do get it. She deals with people all the time who are surrendering their dogs for downright petty reasons. I’d get sick of dealing with those surrenders too! I’m sure it’s hard for her to take anyone seriously at this point. 

So I went out to get Rocky and he immediately went into crazy mode, understandably. He was pulling at the leash and lunging and acted like he was going to shred one of the small dogs that was there. So the shelter manager lady took him from me to put him in a kennel and he completely tore her arm open with his nails as he was just going so bonkers. He’s a fairly big dog and he can do serious damage when he freaks out! 

So at this point, the poor woman is applying pressure to her arm with paper towels and it’s just bleeding so much. I waited a few minutes to see if she was ok and if I could do anything and she said to me several times “Honey, this isn’t your fault.” At that point I think she fully understood why exactly Rocky wasn’t safe for my kids (or my visitors!) and why I had to take him there. 

I don’t know if she ended up needing stitches or if it finally stopped bleeding, but I plan to go in there later this week and bring some dog food and make sure her arm is ok. I’m glad it’s over with but I still really hate how this turned out.