We started this week with one more ultrasound before being released to my regular ob. (In case I’ve forgotten to explain this already, I have my RE handle early pregnancy because he will see me much sooner and keep an eye on my HCG and progesterone levels. Once he’s satisfied that the pregnancy looks healthy, he will release me to my ob… His wife. 😊) This ultrasound was great because I got to see baby kicking it’s tiny legs and moving it’s little T-Rex arms around. The Dr also pointed out the spine, which is already visible! Baby measured about 1.25″ long. 

I already love this person so much! This isn’t the best angle though and doesn’t show the legs or the sch.

The sch is still there. I think at the first appointment it measured 17×10. It’s now 19×10 BUT, the Dr said he’s not as concerned about it at this point as he was earlier. I’m still just hoping and praying it absorbs and goes away so I don’t have to think about it anymore! He wanted me to remain on pelvic rest but said it’s probably ok for me to lift Zane some. I had one more progesterone level drawn and it came back at 43. With that, he called me and told me to make an appointment with “the lovely Dr K”. 😁 I haven’t scheduled that yet because I have to get my medical records transfered over before they will see me. I plan to continue progesterone shots until 12 weeks, just to be safe because I always take them till around then, but with that high of a level, I could stop sooner. 

In terms of symptoms, I’m exactly the same as last week. Sick sick sick…. I’m still only down a pound or two, so I’m not concerned. Just looking forward to the second trimester and hopefully that sweet *honeymoon* phase of pregnancy where you know you’re pregnant but you feel awesome. 😉 I don’t crave much of anything but last night I super seriously needed jello. I think partly because I was so thirsty but couldn’t stand the thought of drinking. Anyway, DH made a batch and as soon as it set, I ate the entire thing! 😱 Now I’m not really feeling jello. I did really want popcorn the last few days and we had some tonight while we watched a movie with the kids. 🙂

I finally took a belly pic! I feel so bad that I waited till 9 weeks to take one. But until now I’ve just looked like my same poochy self with maybe a little extra bloat. The area where you can actually see my belly rounding out is only visible when I’m not dressed, so to the rest of the world, I just look more bloated than usual. I think it looks like my usual pooch (Thanks kids! Lol! J/k. I love you.) has moved up a little higher. 

Dear God, thank You for all these blessings. For being 9 weeks already and getting to love this precious new life! Please protect it in Jesus’ name and please help the sch to heal and absorb away. In Jesus’ name, amen.