I started out this week with my follow up ultrasound appointment. Baby looked great and measured 4 days ahead with a heart rate of 182 and was WIGGLING around!! I’ve never seen one of my babies move this early on, so that was pretty special. Unfortunately DH couldn’t be there because he had to sit with the kids during my appointment since we couldn’t get a babysitter. But I did get a cute ultrasound photo for him. 🙂 

The dr said the sch is still present and all restrictions remain (no lifting over 10lbs, pelvic rest, taking it easy) but that it doesn’t look bad at this point. He was going to release me to my ob but said I could come back in a week to check the sch again since it will probably be a long while until my ob will do an ultrasound. He also wanted to check my progesterone level which came back good at 30. I’m still on pio so I expected it would be fine. 🙂 

The sch actually appears to have moved position and is now below the baby. I guess thats good?

As far as symptoms go: 

  • The nausea remains the most dominant with it’s ever-present persistence. It’s now a totally unavoidable reality that I have to take 4mg of zofran before I can get out of bed in the morning, or even roll over really. Skipping isn’t an option unless I want to spend my morning hanging over the toilet. I do my Bible study while I wait for the zofran to kick in and then get up and eat something small for breakfast. I nibble all day to keep from getting as sick but sometimes eating just makes it worse and I have to go lay down. Thankfully DH is a pro at taking over the evening routine so I can rest. 
  • Food aversions are full force and I struggle to get fluids down. Lean cuisine, breakfast cookies and Powerade are my go-to meals. I try to eat a healthy supper but it’s iffy. Eh, this phase will be over soon enough.
  • I don’t feel as wiped out as I did at first. I took one nap this week but mostly I’ve been fine. 
  • I notice that my face is breaking out again a bit.
  • Milk of Magnesia is a staple of my daily routine now. 
  • Some days I’m really mega bloated and others my belly is flatter than usual. There is definitely a noticeable expansion in the area right above my pelvic bone. My regular jeans feel really bad when I zip them, so I’m planning to get some that don’t dig in right there. 
  • I haven’t gained any weight (thank goodness!) and usually am -1 to 0lbs from pre pregnancy weight. 
  • We heard the baby again briefly on the doppler today. I haven’t had luck any other times I’ve tried since the first time and it’s still so faint and I can’t keep the wand on it for more than a few seconds. But Tru and Levi got to hear it this time and they were so excited! 

I can’t decide if I want to buy the Sneak Peek early at-home gender test. (It claims 99% accuracy in determining the gender of baby from 9 weeks pregnant on. It is done by finger prick) I mean, I do want to and I even had my credit card out to buy it but then DH brought up how much he likes to guess the gender by watching the ultrasound and I don’t know… It is kind of our thing we always do. So now I’m wondering if I should just make myself wait. It’s kind of impersonal to find out via email but then again, I’m not super patient. Haha! The fact that there are people out there who don’t want to find out before birth just blows my mind! More power to you though because you definitely have more patience than I do. 😉

I think that’s about it as far as pregnancy goes. A couple other items of information are:

  • We backed out of our contract on the land. We were almost completely through the loan process when we found out from the health department that the existing septic would not be usable for us to build our new house with AND a new septic (provided they could actually fit one in there) would be $10-30,000 depending on soil quality etc. I was torn between whether to just pay for the test and application ($500ish) to see if we could put a new system in or not. But it just didn’t seem like it was going to work with our building plans for where we wanted the house positioned (back from the main road which is fairly busy), so we declined and are back to square one looking for a place. I’m disappointed but trusting that God will provide something even better.
  • We have a dog right now on a trial run from the shelter. We also still have Rocky until we decide whether we are keeping this dog. He’s some kind of beagle mix, we think. Extremely sweet, extremely friendly. Actually very calm. He’s perfect with the kids and they adore him. The only downside is, he has been marking in the house a few times. He’s recently neutered and seems to be only marking where my sil’s intact dog was when we dogsat last weekend. He’s not marking in Rocky’s areas at all. I really don’t know what will happen or if he will continue doing it but Tru will be absolutely devastated if we don’t keep him. It’s hard deciding, especially when I’m so nauseated and a dog is just one more thing I have to take care of. It’s bad timing but I think he might be the right dog. Decisions, decisions! 

    Levi is always our shorts-in-the-winter kid.😂

    Dear God, thank You for another good ultrasound and for baby being so happy and healthy looking in there. Please help the sch to heal completely and not cause any problems. Please help us with making wise and good decisions. In Jesus’ name, amen.