I still haven’t taken a pic yet, which is a shame because there is already more definition at the bottom of my belly. Mostly I’m just bloated and some days the bloat calms down but there’s definitely a rounder look way down by my c section scar. I haven’t gained weight but I think my weight loss is back to 0lbs. 

Yesterday I tried my doppler, not thinking I’d actually hear baby until much closer to 9 weeks at least (I’m about 15 pounds heavier this pregnancy than I’ve ever been) but oh my goodness! Ever so faint I could hear the baby’s heartbeat! I couldn’t hardly stay on it because even just inhaling made me lose the very faint sound, but it was there! I felt so happy and like all this nausea is more bearable now. I wish I could post the clip but I’m using the phone app and it won’t let me. 

So, as I mentioned, the nausea. It’s there 100% of my day and sometimes throughout the night. When I first wake up in the morning, before I even open my eyes, I don’t usually feel the nausea. But then I move a muscle or open my eyes and it sweeps over me. Part of the day it’s just a nagging nauseated feeling and I can still function enough to do the basics but then at certain times it will sweep in really strong and I have to just hold perfectly still so I don’t throw up. It’s not as bad as it was with Zane though, thank God, it’s more like it was with Levi. I’m doing all the natural recommendations and taking lots of different home remedies to get through it, although nothing makes me completely free from the nausea. I’ve taken zofran on my worst days but I’m doing my best to avoid it unless I have to go somewhere or if I can’t take care of the kids because of the sickness. While it is draining to feel sick so constantly, I’m reminding myself it’s just a season. 

Food choices are predictably limited and I just eat whatever doesn’t sound as terrible as everything else. Usually my food choices make no sense, so dinners the last week have been a bit weird. I plan to pick up my grocery order tomorrow and it has a lot of convenience food on it, which I don’t normally buy. But hey, I’m doing what works right now and it’s ok. Poor DH and the kids are probably suffering from the weird meals more than I am. 😂 

I have an appointment in 3 days to check the status of the sch and see how baby is growing. I’m really hoping everything looks good and I can maybe get back to lifting Zane without feeling guilty. I’ll admit, I’ve forgotten a few times and picked him up. It’s just second nature to pick up my crying baby! And of course I have to get him in and out of his crib. I’ve had to go places a couple times by myself so I had Zane walk to the van and then I lifted him into his seat. Basically I’m just trying not to carry him. 🙈

We did take the boys to the zoo this week. Someone gave us free tickets and they were expiring. I felt like walking around would be fine as long as I took breaks and wasn’t there all day. We ended up being there about 4 hours and had plenty of rest time, so I felt like it was all good. We really enjoyed seeing the animals that were out. So many were inside because of the cold weather but it gave us lots of time to sit and watch the gorillas, elephants and penguins. The boys were stoked to have lots of time with the snakes and lizards too. 🐍🦎🐟🐠🐘🦏🐆🐒🦍

Tiredness continues to be present and I’ve snuck a nap when possible but overall I’m not as exhausted as I’ve been with previous pregnancies (yet!). My main complaint is that I am still always so darn cold!!! I can hardly get warm, so I’m always sitting with a large comforter blanket and wearing a sweater or bathrobe to warm up. 

That’s about it folks. I have been hoping to get around to writing an update for each of the boys. Hopefully soon! Lots of fun stuff going on with each of them. Everyone is getting so grown up! 

Dear God, thank You so much that we got to hear this tiny baby’s heartbeat! Please help everything to go well with this pregnancy and for the ultrasound to be encouraging. In Jesus’ name, amen.