I’ve been waiting to post this and I think now is the time. I also have a few more posts that need to be uploaded but they will be retro-dated so as not to blow up your newsfeed. 


I’m not ready to share this news just yet, but I’m typing it up now while it’s fresh in my mind.

This cycle has been one of the unlikliest months in quite some time for us to get pregnant. We started the cycle out with a cold, then Levi had a stomach virus, then we caught another even worse cold. I did use OPKs but only had one that was just barely positive on cd19. I also felt a pain in my left ovary that day but it wasn’t as bad or as long as my typical ovulation pain. We hadn’t BD since CD17 and I was fairly certain we’d be too tired that night, so I decided not to worry about it. It would be well past 6 hours after the ov pain before we would go to bed anyway and everyone says the egg starts to disentigrate after 6 hours. And also it takes awhile for the sperm to find the egg. Anyway, we did end up being in the mood. 😉 So, when 9dpo rolled around (when I typically test so that I can start progesterone if its positive), I wasn’t even sure I needed to test. And as I suspected, the test was negative. I hadn’t even taken my Lovenox shots this month because my chances were so low that it just seemed a waste. (I am always on low dose aspirin though.)

Well, I woke up for church at 11dpo and as I was getting ready, I took a test. I went on getting ready and finally realized I hadn't checked the test. I thought to myself "Not like I really need to. It's just a formality." But what was that? Was that an evap? An indent? Was there any pink there at all? I texted my bff (but couldn't send her a pic because the NOT line wouldn't show up at all, even inverted) and I told her not to get excited and that I'd buy some real tests after church. This was just a $0.20 internet cheapie, afterall.

That afternoon we went to drop our boys off at my parent's house and pick up my younger siblings to take them laser tagging. I popped into the bathroom to take a test real quick before we left, just in case. I just about passed out when I saw the faint second line. I pulled DH into the bathroom (he had no clue about the first test) and he couldn't even look. He was just a nervous wreck. I was shaking like a leaf and giggling like crazy. So he took my siblings to laser tag and I stayed at my parent's house and sat on the couch shaking and trying to act normal. *Note: No matter how many times I get a positive test, I am always a bundle of nerves.*

The faint Dollar Tree test I took after church. At first glance, it almost doesn’t even look positive. But it’s there on the left! 

I thought I'd cleaned up the wrappers from the test (Actually, I took a second one. Hey, they're only $1.) but I accidently left the plastic on the bath and my mom found it. Lucky it was her who found it and not one of my siblings because I was not ready to share the news. 

So, we got home that evening and the tests were so faint that DH wasn't really sure they were real. Therefore I set off for the store and bought a digital. I dipped it and capped it and then sat on the couch next to him to wait the agonizing 3 minutes for results. There was that word! "Pregnant" 🙂 I just couldn't stop laughing! DH kept saying "We're gonna have to buy a 5 bedroom house!!" 

So much more official than a faint line!

The next morning I took another of the $1 tests and it was much darker. I called the Dr's office and they sent in lab orders for hcg and progesterone. I didn't get the results back until the next day (today). My test this morning showed some progression, so I hope that everything is well in there. My beta at 12dpo was 28 and progesterone was 14.7 - both a bit lower that my Dr's office would like to see initially but it's early and may well be fine.

Progression... The 12 dpo test was with a beta level of 28. Which means the day before was probably much less. $1 tests for the win!

Thankfully I have a bottle of PIO leftover that is unexpired, so I was able to start PIO injections today at 13dpo. I started Lovenox on Sunday morning as soon as I had the first faint test. I figured I shouldn't wait as I should have been taking it anyway. So, that's the story for now! I go again tomorrow (Wed) Lord willing for a repeat beta and progesterone and again on Friday.

I am so thankful and honored that the Lord has blessed us so abundantly to have the excitement of this tiny person growing inside. I hope and fervently pray that this will be our fourth take home baby and the answer to Truett and Levi's prayers at night. 🙂 This is our 7th cycle (although 1 was annovulatory and 1 had a luteal phase of only 5 days) over the last 9 months that we have been TTC. Since my cycles have been long, we've had less chances than months. I can't get over how quickly it happened! I am so thrilled and I just hope and pray I get more good results tomorrow. 🙂