1. Twelve days ago, my sister S announced she is getting married. This is super exciting and she’s incredibly happy. She will probably be moving to another country though, at least part time. That’s super hard for all of us to accept. But I’m still incredibly happy for her. My sister M and I took S for an impromptu lingerie shopping trip yesterday and I gotta say, it was mega fun!! 
  2. THEN, my brother J gave his girlfriend an engagement ring yesterday! I don’t know when they’ll be tying the knot but, oh my goodness! I did not see that coming! I’m still kind of in shock but also very happy for him. And for her!! 
  3. I need all the exclamation points right now!!
  4. Today, our offer on a piece of land was excepted. As in, pending getting a loan – which shouldn’t be a problem – we legitimately might be moving next year! And not just moving but also selling our home of nearly 7 years, building a new house and leaving familiarity and comfort behind. I’m excited and petrified. I love our home, but we see clear direction that it’s time to move.

And that’s seriously only the tip of the iceberg. Hopefully more posts to come in the near future! Yikes!! 🤗😊😀