My tiny baby is less than 2 weeks away from his 1st birthday. It’s been a very fun year! I’ve got to say that this 3rd baby has been so much easier and more relaxed all the way around. Having a baby around feels second nature now and both DH and I have felt more calm about all the little changes that a baby brings because we know that this phase is gone in the blink of an eye. I feel like we’ve been able to appreciate and just enjoy the baby stage more and more each time.



So what is Zane up to now?

  • Each day he walks more and crawls less. He can walk across the room now and even attempted to “run” to his daddy last night.
  • He loves giving hugs and pats me on the back while he hugs me. When I sit on the floor with him he will play for a bit and always come back for a hug over and over.
  • He is the most smiley little kid. All day he smiles. He even tries to smile while he’s crying as if he can hold on to some positivity in his situation.
  • He sleeps well at night and hasn’t woken during the night consistently in quite some time. Maybe a few times a month he will wake up and cry and need to come snuggle for a bit before going back to his bed. He naps once a day for at least an hour and a half, but up to 3 if his brothers don’t wake him up. Sometimes he will take a short evening nap for maybe a half hour before waking up for a bottle and diaper change and then a little play time before bed. 
  • Currently we are doing well to get three 4oz bottles of formula or thawed breastmilk in him a day and maybe a few sips of water from his sippy cup. And the milk or formula must be very warm which makes it hard to get him to take a bottle on the go since he will usually refuse it if it isn’t really warm. It is a pitifully small amount of fluids considering that my milk stopped on the 18th of Oct. I haven’t had a let down since then and have only a bit of milk trickling in every few days. Zane was down to nursing just twice a day and since my milk is gone, sometimes he will nurse for a couple minutes once a day but the last couple days, he isn’t even nursing more than a minute. It’s hard and I’m sad we didn’t get to get through the winter with nursing but Zane was never too excited about nursing as he has more exciting things to do. He’s a very busy baby!
  • Last week on the 22nd and 23rd, I discovered he had 2 new teeth!. They are on the bottom right and left. He has another coming in on the top right and it is definitely causing some pain for him. Poor baby. He now has 7 teeth. 🙂
  • I notice him saying “dada” frequently and “mama” more so when he is hungry or upset. I haven’t heard “babababa” as much lately. No other words as of yet but definitely some jabbering and he loves to *sing* along while I sing. It’s freaking adorable!
  • Zane is still wearing size 4 diapers and is in mostly 12-18 months clothes. 18 months still has abundant wiggle room.
  • He is my smallest baby at this age. I weighed him at home and he was somewhere around 18.5-19.5lbs. (Hard to get an accurate reading) We should get a better reading at his appointment next month. That would put him somewhere around the 12th percentile for weight. He’s always been on the smaller side but never under the 30th. I’m not entirely surprised though because although he is a snacker all day, it’s hard to get him to eat very much at a time.
  • Occasionally he has chowed down 3 jars of purees but that is rare. Most times he will eat 1 or 2 jars at breakfast and just snack at lunch and eat a small supper. He is eating more and more meals that we are eating and really likes all the different tastes and textures. But again, he doesn’t eat much of that either. I will sometimes add a little virgin coconut oil to his food for extra calories. Overall though I think he is healthy and just a petite little guy. For now. 🙂




It’s funny how Zane’s baskets of toys sit untouched for days at a time now. Once he became mobile, baby toys became boring. Even new toys that he got at his birthday party are hardly touched. All he wants to do is steal his big brothers’ toys… all day, every day. And they make no small fuss about it either! HAHA. His favorite toys are any kind of toy with wheels that he can push while he crawls.



Zane is not my cuddliest baby, (that award goes to Levi) but he does let me hold him a good bit, especially when he’s tired or has just woken up. I absolutely love our snuggle time and kissing his little face. There’s just nothing like that fuzzy baby hair and smell. I just can’t believe he’s almost 1!!! Did I mention that already?



Dear God, thank You so very much for this precious baby and how much he’s grown. I am so thankful for each new thing he has learned to do and for how happy he is. Thank You for how much love and joy he has brought to our family. Please watch over him and bless him every day of his life. In Jesus’ name, amen.







Peekaboo is one of our favorite games.