I’ve been waiting for a spare minute to do a post but a spare moment hasn’t come my way in I don’t know how long, so I’m just going to sit down in the midst of chaos and write anyway.

We are planning to have Zane (1) and Truett (5) joint birthday party this Saturday, so I’m working on party prep for that. Originally it was supposed to be a TMNT party because Tru was in this 100% obsessed with ninja turtles phase. And then just like that, he was completely 100% obsessed with dinosaurs and asked if he could have a dinosaur party instead. So I’m saving all of my exciting and way tacky TMNT party ideas and switched to dinosaurs. You guys, I’m having way too much fun with this theme. You know those weird parents who get stupid excited about kid toys and stuff? I’m them.. they are me. I am definitely liking the dinosaur phase.
So, because our house is small and I don’t know how to invite just a few people (bor-iiiing!), I decided we should have the party in the pole barn. The one that has a mouse infestation, and assorted nasty bugs aplenty – that barn. Therefore, I have spent the last several days cleaning, cleaning and cleaning both the house and barn. Thankfully, DH is always on my case to get rid of junk, so we have very little stuff in the way but the floors and walls and counters in the barn were seriously disgusting. I have it smelling all lavender orchid and vanilla now though, so, on to food prep!

I’m planning a menu of meatballs (they are venison and my entire family now calls them “deer balls”), hot dogs, chips, veggies, dip, soup beans (because it’s cold y’all!), cheese and crackers and of course an assortment of drinks. The cupcakes have green icing (or they will, when I actually make them) and little plastic toy dino toppers. I am way too excited about the dinosaur egg piñata I made too.
I want to do a proper update on each of the boys asap. For now I’ll say that Zane is taking 3-5 steps at a time, has 5 teeth, and says mama, dada and babababa (bottle?) on occasion. Tru is my little artist and shocks my socks off almost daily with the adorbs pics he draws. Levi is on a constant snack attack and has grown so much this year! He is ever my little snuggle bug. 🙂

When I’m not cleaning, I’m crocheting. I am working on 4 different afghans all at once right now. I finished a baby blanket recently. I hope to post pics soon! Someday maybe I’ll figure out how to channel my crocheting energy into blog energy, but I find that writing takes brain power and I’m very much not having any of that right now. So, how about you? How are you doing?