This post is either going to make your day or make you think I’m crazy. 😂 

Back in April, I decided on a whim to buy another hamster. Critter had lived out his full life expectancy the year before and I missed having a little hammy to watch. Critter was a larger hamster but I really wanted to get a dwarf hamster this time. So, I took the boys to the pet store and they picked out a little gray baby girl. I wanted to name her “Thimble” because she’s tiny. But Tru was leaning towards something that sounded like Simba. So that’s what we call her. 🙂 

Anyway, she’s the calmest and sweetest hamster ever. And absolutely the most softest little furball on earth!! I thought it would be fun to set her in Levi’s toy helicopter one day. She looked so cute!! And thus started my week-long obsession with posing her in various vehicles. The boys were positively cracking up with each new picture! DH was sure I’d lost my last marble. Anyway, the results were nothing short of adorable, in my opinion. See for yourself! 

Simba went on safari….

And chugged the vast railways…

Rescued everyone with cuteness…

“Watch where you’re going, fleabag!”

And even went on the road.

Guys, I can’t even deal with her little paws on the handlebars!!

Simba is a good little farmer

She’s the best little pilot.