Years ago, when DH and I first got married, we had a small fish tank (maybe 1 gallon or so) and a few neon tetras. After a year or so, we upgraded to a 10 gallon tank and over the course of several years we had an assortment of platys, guppies, mollies, tetras and a huge pleco. At some point (I think either during my pregnancy with Tru or after he was born) we decided to take a break from the aquarium and found homes for the remaining fish with a couple relatives.


Circa 2009 – Our first tank and “Phillip”



I think I mentioned it on here already but last year when we were at the fair, a boy gave Levi a fish that he won at one of those ball toss games. Well, it was late in the day and I had no idea how long the fish had already been in the bag of water but I took him home that night and poured him into a vase until I could get a tank the next day. I went and bought a small aquarium after church, brought it home and, lo and behold, it was USED! Someone had returned a very scratched and icky tank to the store in the original box. So, I took it to the store and explained what happened and bought a different but even smaller tank.


Why is any of this important? It’s not… Anyway, I figured that rainwater would be safe for the goldfish, but it wasn’t. He developed terrible black stuff all over his fins. I swapped his water for bottled water and the black stuff spread to cover his whole body. But by this time, the boys were a little attached to this fish, and considering we had lost our dog in may and our hamster later on, I wasn’t about to give up on the fish just yet. I bought this assortment of water treatment supplies and, what do you know… that little fish was back to normal in no time!


And he grew. A lot… a whole lot. I don’t know how big your average, ordinary, fair prize goldfish is supposed to get but this guy got huge! …. I attempted to measure him just now by holding a measuring tape up to the tank and he’s almost 5 inches. …. After a few months, we found ourselves buying yet another tank (this is getting expensive, btw), this time a 5 gallon one. So here we are, over a year since we got the fish, and talk is that we are going to have to upgrade him to a bigger tank, AGAIN! He’s now outgrowing the 5 gallon tank (should have went with the 10, but I was all “It’s too much space on my TV stand.) and at this point I’m thinking, let’s skip 10 and just get him a 20 gallon tank. For reals!



When you want peace and tranquility but your kids want a gator skull..

Funny thing about healthy fish… They don’t hold still for pictures.

Anyway, the other day it occurred to me that I had an empty 1 gallon tank sitting under my sink with absolutely nothing to do. So of course I immediately set it up, bought a better (read, quieter) filter and bought a new fish the next day. It’s a betta and he’s not cool with the filter. Therefore, at the first opportunity I get, I plan to move him to a large wall bubble aquarium (It’s an acrylic fish tank that hangs on the wall…. yes, I know.) and get a different fish for the 1 gallon tank that is in my bedroom (tranquility). Then the 5 gallon tank needs to go…. somewhere… and we need to move Goldie (I know, how original. Our blue betta is named Bluie. The kids are just awesome with names) to a bigger 20 gallon tank.

The betta tank, currently

Earlier today I was at the pet store looking at some very gorgeous gigantic tanks that only cost a mere $400-$700 and was just dreaming….

Also, today I branched out into new territory… an aquatic plant. I’ll keep you posted!