The morning of the homeschool group meetup, (where we were planning to check out the group my SIL joined with her kids) we woke up dark and early to drive the 1.5ish hours to the arboretum where the meetup was taking place. The kids were not in the mood for breakfast so I just gave them both an applesauce squeeze pouch and packed a bunch of breakfast biscuits and our picnic lunch.



We got about 45 minutes into our drive and Tru said “My belly hurts.” Eh, he says that all the time and lots of the time, he’s fine. So I kept driving. A few minutes later, Levi said the same thing. I kept driving. Lots of the time he says the same stuff as Tru, because, sameness. Then I heard Levi gagging! I hurried up and pulled over and covered his chest and lap with a sweatshirt and covered Tru too while I was at it. I had given them both some of the breakfast biscuits and they were nibbling on them, so, I decided to keep driving since no barf had happened.



Well, a little over an hour into the trip, Blech! Barf all over Levi. I pulled over and cleaned him up and at that point, I turned right around! I stopped to get us some pop at a drive-thru to settle everyone’s stomachs. Tru ended up panicking twice about the idea that he might barf, (because he is my kid) so we pulled over 2 more times just in case. Then when we were a mere 15 minutes from home, Blech!! Barf all over Tru. I had just pulled over for the 5th time and was able to assist him so we didn’t have a bad mess. Levi was sound asleep at that point but Zane was crying and screaming at me every time we pulled over and didn’t get out of the van.



Finally (!!!) nearly 3 hours after we left, we arrived back home and got the boys a bath and some cartoons to watch while I disassembled and washed 2 car seats (It could have been worse… there was no barf in the van!). They rested for awhile and were back to normal after that the rest of the day. I really have no idea why we had the barf episodes but I’m thrilled that was the end of it. My friend sent us some essential oil to help with tummy trouble after she heard about our little adventure. THANK YOU J!! ❤ I’ve already used it on them 3 times when they complained of tummy ache.



So yeah, the homeschool group adventure that was not. But maybe next time! 🙂