Shew! The last few weeks of summer are flying by and I just can’t hardly get enough of being outside while the weather is good. It cooled off a bit the last week and that was nice since summers here can actually be pretty miserable and muggy (buggy too). I’ll still take it over winter any day of the week!

To update everyone on the dog situation: I went back the day after we spotted the skinny little beagle and looked for him again. I took my brothers P and M and we all hiked around the nature preserve looking for him. I took along a crate and food etc. Sadly, we didn’t find him. BUT, I think someone else must have because I saw that someone had set out food and more water for him. Hopefully they caught him! I posted for him online in case someone turned him in to the local shelters because we would have adopted him in a heartbeat! DH and I both instantly knew we would love that little guy but I’m thinking it’s just not meant to be for us right now. As it is, we are still having a lot of issues with Rocky as he still has separation anxiety with me. I’m currently trying melatonin as a natural and vet approved way of helping him feel more at ease. I want to say that it maybe does help at least a little but time will tell. 

Tru and Levi are ready to start preschool at home this year (I have a post partially typed up on that). Zane just cut his third tooth (top left) and almost has his 4 through. The transition to his own room was absolutely a success. Now most nights he goes to bed before 10pm and wakes to nurse once or twice. Then he will generally sleep until at least 9:30am but sometimes as late as 11am! I think he’s sleeping late because of the teething and him not feeling well, so that’s probably just a short phase, I’d say. Tru and Levi are still loving sharing a room and still staying up talking way too late. We are still working on that. 😉 

We are in the pre approval process of getting a loan for a piece of land that we might buy. If we do get the land, the plan is to stay here for the winter and start building a house in the spring. It’s simultaneously exciting and absolutely terrifying!! Yikes! Definitely praying about this possible move. 

To relax, I’m doing a bit of knitting. 🙂 The boys are already loving the feel of this “cozy-cozy” blanket. 🙂 

I guess this update isn’t so quick after all! Have a good weekend, y’all!! 🙂 God bless.