…and he looks so much like River! He was apparently dropped off and was wandering around a remote hiking area we visited today. We tried and tried to get him to trust us so we could help him. There’s nobody out there for quite some distance. I don’t think he was lost, definitely seemed liked he’d been dropped.

He walked about 1.5 miles with us but wouldn’t let us touch him. He’s obviously been beaten because he’s extremely fearful of hands and any movement towards him. But I did feed him a couple hotdogs and stuff that we had with us, completely forgotting that I had a 41 pound bag of dog food in the back of the van.

I can’t stop thinking about the little guy! I so want to go check if he’s still there tomorrow and see if I can lure him into the crate and bring him home. It’s a long drive but it would be worth it if I could get him to come home with me. He needs fed and a flea bath. He’s ate up. He’s so skinny too. His hip and butt bones are so sharp looking under his skin. Poor baby.