…39 weeks ago today, Zane was born. He’s officially been out as long as he was in. 😊/😢 I’m so glad that I have nothing but happy memories surrounding his birth and had the most relaxing experience in the hospital enjoying my baby. Such wonderful memories! 

Lastnight we decided to make the transition of Tru into Levi’s room and Zane into Tru’s room. Tru wasn’t too sad about losing his own bedroom because he was super excited about getting to share a room with Levi. Levi was so excited, he was helping move Tru’s stuffed animals into his room. So, Zane slept in his own room lastnight. It went great! He woke at 2am to nurse and I was missing him really bad so I snuggled him for a bit and then took him back to his bed. I heard him fuss for a minute around 5:50am but he went right back to sleep. He woke up a little before 8am, so I nursed him in my bed and he ended up falling asleep again and sleeping till around 10. DH was home today so we just watched Zane while he got his beauty rest in our big bed. 😉 

It’s crazy because I have been looking forward to getting Zane moved out of our room for so long in the hopes that our sleep quality would improve. But when it came down to it, I was a mess! I missed him being in my room right next to my bed so bad! But it’s definitely time for him to be in his own room. The fact that he slept so happily on his own is proof that he is ready for the transition, it’s just Mommy who isn’t handling it as well. 🤣 

Anyway, thank goodness we have video baby monitors in this day and age and I was able to see him sleeping happily all night whenever I wanted. And as for Tru and Levi, they stayed up talking till after midnight and were up again at their normal time around 9ish. But I’m sure they’ll adjust with time and if not, we will just have Tru fall asleep in our room and then move him to their bedroom… At least until the excitement wears off. 😉