Fair warning: this post is going to talk about periods in detail. If that’s not your thing, you better leave now. 

Ok, so lately my cycles have become really really irregular and heavy. We are talking like going through a super plus tampon every 1-1.5 hours for the first 2 days. I’ve been getting weak and lightheaded and on 2 occasions I have had to leave the shower to lay down when I’ve felt myself passing out. I get that floating sensation that I had when I hemorrhaged after Levi’s birth and it freaks me out. So naturally, instead of making an appointment with the dr and getting some advice on whether this is short term and ok (or not) I decided to self treat with this miracle herb I read about. Vitex. When I read that it could help regulate the cycle, help reduce symptoms of pcos AND possibly help me lose weight, I couldn’t buy a bottle fast enough! 

Here we are a week later, I’ve been taking it faithfully every day. I’m up at 5:49am after sleeping maybe almost 1 hour last night. I am wired and feel jittery. I’ve been having skin crawling anxiety about absolutely nothing at all. I’ll just be sitting on the couch and suddenly ANXIETY ATTACK out of nowhere. Stomach trouble, headache…. Ugh! At first when the insomnia and anxiety started, I thought “Maybe this is my hormones trying to balance out. I’ll just have to push through and it’ll get better.” Well let me just tell you, I will gladly go back to my old hormones and whatnot if I can just get this monster herb out of my system! I am going to chuck that bottle in the trash and hope and pray that I feel like myself again asap. Here I finally have Zane sleeping in his own bed at least most of the night, if not all, and I’m sleeping less than when I was holding him all night. This is truly ridiculous. 

A quick Google search revealed that all of this is common side effects of vitex, but since so many people love it and it’s natural, I didn’t really consider that it could make me feel so awful. 

So in summary, if vitex works for you, more power to you. But I absolutely cannot wait to be rid of the nasty stuff, myself. I hope it’s out of my system asap!