I have a rare spare moment with all 3 boys either taking a nap or having quiet time. I’ve had a shower, prayer time, and read my Bible. My chores that I can do quietly are caught up mostly so I decided to write for a minute.


Just a quick update on CIO; it’s still going great. 6 days into just laying Zane down for naps and bedtime and he’s no longer crying or fussing and if he does, it’s only for a minute and then he’s right to sleep. It’s amazing! We had a couple times were I had to leave the room in the night 2 nights ago, but last night went great with zero crying. 🙂 I’m so happy that Zane is doing so well and the whole experience wasn’t traumatic in the least.



Today I’ve been thinking about how much kids absorb from what they see and hear. Even when we don’t think they are paying any attention, they are still picking up on things. On Sunday at church the kids were extra squirmy and extra loud. Zane was being especially noisy, so I took him to the back. I could see Tru and Levi sitting with DH and I was noticing how much they were moving around and I could hear them talk out loud a couple times. It’s frustrating because I want the rest of the congregation to be able to focus, although they tell me all the time not to worry and that they never notice the kids being loud – in fact, they tell me all the time how impressed they are with the boys being good. Anyway, DH later told me that during the sermon the Pastor said something about the Levites. Levi looked up at DH and giggled saying “He said Levi! Why did he say that?” and at another point the Pastor said something along the lines of “That was it. Over. The End.” and both boys looked up thinking that church was over.

I know that sometimes I feel like the boys aren’t hearing anything I say and that the good things I try to pour into their lives are just bouncing off their ears. But then I’ll overhear Tru talking to Levi or Zane and I hear him saying encouraging things to them that I have said to him at some point and then I know, he’s picking up on this stuff. It’s getting through to him. Tru finally sits still while I’m reading books to him. In fact, he’s kind of obsessed with books now and begs me to read to him almost daily. Levi on the hand, he doesn’t care a hoot about it yet. But I know that while he is running all over the place, he’s still hearing the Bible stories and he’s still learning the good things and educational things that are being read. (On that note, I think Tru is more of a book learner and Levi is not so much. This is a post in and of itself…)



This is also a good reminder for me when I am having less than pleasant conversations and worried talks with DH about the stresses of adult life. I may think that all these things are going over the boys’ heads but the truth is, they probably understand more of it than I realize. We definitely need to watch out because I want the kids to enjoy being kids and not be worried about anything.



Anyway, I know this post was kind of jumbled but I just felt encouraged today and wanted to jot it down. I hope everyone is having a happy and blessed day. 🙂