I know I mentioned in Zane’s update that he hasn’t been sleeping well and I didn’t think I could do CIO because he doesn’t have his own room. Well, four days ago, I hit my breaking point with him not sleeping/making me hold him all night. I’ve been super chill about his sleep all along and not concerned about enforcing a routine etc. (I think I’ve just finally relaxed a lot more as a parent and figured out how to go with the flow and just savor the moments.) But lately he’s been sooo much more cranky and that’s just not how Zane is. He’s never a cranky baby, in fact, I’ve never seen such a content and happy baby! And then there was the small matter of DH and I getting next to no sleep. And the trivial thing about the back pain and soreness that I was dealing with from holding an almost 19 pound baby all night. The more I thought about it, I realized that I could try having Zane cry it out in my room and us just go out to the couch if need be. (It’s just temporary, right? I mean, we already weren’t sleeping.) It was when he wouldn’t sleep and was thrashing around my bed that I finally decided to just do it and drug my sleep deprived and achy body out to the couch and hoped for the best. I am so happy I did!




Side note about my previous CIO experiences: It went so fantastic when Tru was a baby. He liked going to sleep on his own anyway, so CIO was a short phase and he’s always been easy to put to bed aside from short term sleep regressions (shudder!). Levi on the other hand, Levi broke my heart. I couldn’t even do CIO with him for awhile because he just wouldn’t ever stop crying. I finally relented and tried again when he was a little older and at that point, he was able to self soothe and he also has been great at going to sleep ever since. (Both kids have gotten bad at stalling, but that’s a different story, lol) But my experience with Levi made me really hesitant to try with Zane because I just can’t handle the lonely and sad baby crying. It breaks my heart. Anyway…


Ok, so day 1 of CIO:

  • First time was about 20 minutes of fussing that escalated to crying and then to fussing. Then he was asleep and slept until morning. 🙂
  • First nap was 15 minutes of crying and then he only slept 30 minutes. I decided to go get him and snuggle for awhile so we could just ease into the transition.
  • Second nap of the day was just 10 minutes of fussing/crying. He slept 30 minutes again but I didn’t go get him. He fussed a little for 8 minutes and then slept another hour.
  • That night, he fussed (no crying) just 4 minutes and slept until 6:20am IN HIS OWN BED (!!!!!) and then I nursed him and laid him back down and he slept until 9:30. I heard him wake up a few times and stir around and then lay back down to sleep.

Day 2 we had easy naps and bedtime with very minimal fussing, one wake up to nurse and then he slept till morning in his own bed. (Halelujah!)



Day 3 was about the same for naps and bedtime. He woke up twice to nurse in the night and fell asleep the second time in my bed and wouldn’t sleep in his bed after that. I stayed in my room for awhile but he kept standing back up in his bed and getting mad at me for not picking him up, so I left the room and he went right to sleep and I got back in my bed. (DH just stayed in the room because Zane couldn’t see him.)



Day 4 we weren’t home for naps but he went right to bed and only fussed at me when I laid him down but went right to sleep, no problems.

So, dare I hope that maybe he is sleep trained so easily?? I’m trying to not get too excited just yet. It’s still early, could be a fluke. But let me tell you, I feel so much better not having to sleep in one position all night and Zane’s mood has improved so much!! He’s been so happy and content again. I really think he’s feeling better because he isn’t waking up multiple times a night to get in my bed and then tossing and turning because he isn’t comfortable. I’m really happy that he is sleeping better and I just hope it continues for all our sake!

Better sleep makes a happier baby and gives everyone a better day. 🙂