How is it possible that Zane has already been out almost as long as he was in? What? It feels so recent that I was leaving the hospital with my new little bundle of love. And then spending countless hours cuddled on the couch with him while DH was off work and so capably took over the house so I could heal and rest with my tiny newborn. Such sweet times. 🙂 

But the things Zane is getting into now are also so very sweet and exciting. Within the week of July 8th, he became very skilled at sitting on his own and reaching for toys to play with while maintaining his balance. He started crawling the right way that week also and began pulling himself to a completely upright stand on July 13th. He was pulling himself up before that but not completely straight. He already lets go of the furniture and turns to look at things. I think he will be able to walk very soon. 🙂


He loves watching the fish

But he was just a newborn like…last week!

I am pretty sure Zane is getting ready to cut more teeth to add to the 2 bottom teeth he got in June. He has been very fussy the last few days/nights. He does great eating his 3 solid meals a day plus snacks. He loves teething wafers, puffs, and melts. He still prefers his purees to be mixed with cereal, so I usually give him fruit for breakfast with rice cereal and a scoop of formula. Then lunch is a veggie and meat with wheat and scoop of formula. Supper is another veggie with wheat and formula. As for breastfeeding, my supply is very scant and I am feeling less let downs. Zane usually nurses 2-3 times during the day and 2-4 times through the night. The other night he wasn’t satisfied after nursing, so I made him a breastmilk bottle from my freezer stash and he gulped it down. I felt really bad for not noticing how far gone my milk supply was. His diaper was dry and I thought back to the day and realized he’d only had one wet diaper. 😦 It seems pointless at this time to try to build my milk up again as I know from experience that it just doesn’t come back up this late in the game. So, for now I am trying to offer the breast more often and give him a bottle from my freezer stash if he is still thirsty. He does take sips of water from a sippy cup now too.



He wore this for over an hour. I think he liked it. 

Now that Zane can crawl and do all the big boy things, he spends less time letting me cuddle him and more time crawling after his brothers. He wants to do everything they do and be with them all the time! It’s really adorable. Tru and Levi play with Zane pretty well, although they have to be closely supervised for squishing reasons. 😉 And they do get frustrated when he grabs their toys or messes up their stuff.



Sleep is a bit frustrating right now. We still use the swing for his 2 naps a day (around noon and 3-4pm) and then if he takes a third nap, it’s usually in mine or DH’s arms. Zane has been clueing us in that he wants to go to bed earlier than the 10-11pm that we were doing. So lately he falls asleep in our arms around 9:30-10. The bad news is, after that we can expect exactly no sleep to occur without Zane in and out of our bed (and by our bed, I mean my arms). It is frustrating because we don’t get good sleep this way. I would let him CIO and get on a good sleep rythmn, like I did with Tru and Levi, but we don’t have a bedroom for Zane to be in on his own. Tru and Levi can’t share a room because we tried that and they just don’t sleep. I’m sure we will get through this phase though and it will all be a hazy sleep deprived memory soon enough. 😉



Zane is FOR SURE saying “mum mum” now. He says it whenever he cries and wants me to pick him up. And he says it when he crawls towards me and sometimes when I feed him. I am so in love!! I love his little voice. It absolutely melts my heart. 🙂


We had his 9 month checkup 7/31 and he weighed 18lbs 13oz with his clothes on and a wet diaper. That puts him in the 38th% for weight. He is 28″ tall in the 43rd% and his head is 44cm in the 25th%. He’s definitely my most petite baby, even though he was the biggest at birth. The dr said he looks absolutely great! 🙂 He wears mostly 9 month clothes with some 6 month items he can still fit and a few 12 month sleepers. Still in size 3 diapers but I have lots of 4s on hand. 😉 The eczema is much less severe now than it was prior to our California trip (where it cleared up so much), so I just apply a good coat of Vaseline after baths. 

Dear God, thank You so much for Zane. He is such a blessing to our family and we just thank You for him. Please watch over and protect him. In Jesus’ name, amen.