Or, the elephanant, as Tru calls it. 😉



I feel like I have been side-stepping a question lately that we get ALL. THE. TIME. in real life. Apparently the burning question in everyone’s minds that is keeping our friends and family awake at night, and maybe even from accomplishing any productive tasks during the day, is some variation of “Are you guys going to try again?/try for a girl?/Are you done having kids?” and perhaps the most odd and invasive, but also one of the *most popular questions, especially amongst DH’s co-workers: “Are you guys preventing?/are you using protection?/WHAT KIND OF PROTECTION ARE YOU USING?”

To give a short but still kinda long answer, who knows whether we will have another baby?! Only God knows. I think it’s been pretty well documented that we haven’t had much control over the when and how of getting pregnant. (New followers: I’m talking about the 4.5 years of infertility followed by IVF twice. A successful IVF pregnancy, a surprise pregnancy, and a TI with OPK pregnancy. All of which I count to be miraculous gifts from God.)



The longer answer (and also the reason I haven’t blogged about it), is yes. We are ttc again. And yes, we are crazy. The reason I haven’t mentioned it is because I wasn’t sure how to go about it and how certain people would react if we told them and I just wasn’t ready to talk about it. Does this mean I am going to be in your face with TTC updates? Nope. You can ask me questions if you want but I probably won’t bring it up too frequently on here, aside from a little mention here and there. I still have lots of readers who are dealing with primary and secondary infertility and I doubt very much that they want to hear me whine about PCOS and irregular cycles and TTC again.


You might be wondering, what exactly do I mean by saying TTC – given our history. Not much really. I am tracking my (highly irregular) cycles on F.ertility F.riend, using the occasional OPK and taking my Lovenox during the 2ww. Which, for me, is actually the laid back approach. 😉 DH has set a time limit on how much longer he wants to TTC and if it doesn’t happen, he doesn’t want to keep trying. Which I think is reasonable. The most important thing to me is to not get wrapped up in this because I don’t want to miss a moment of enjoying my three beautiful boys. 🙂


Tru has been asking for a “girl baby” so much lately and he’s been asking to pray at his bedtime for God to give us a girl baby. (If you remember, Tru was adamant that Zane would be a girl and seems to really have his heart set on having a sister.) Tru and Levi both point out all the baby girls that we see in public. I am happy either way and I know if we get a boy baby, a girl baby, or no baby that I am happy and at peace with what God has given us. I hope nobody reads this and thinks I am being greedy or anything. I know how blessed we have been. I think of it nearly every day of my life! We had originally planned on having 4 kids but whatever is God’s will is fine with me.


And there you go. The answer to the burning question. 😉



*What I find even more shocking than the question is the fact that it doesn’t really bother me when people ask. Even though I find it kind of embarrassing for their sake.