A couple months ago I came up with a list of chores for Truett and Levi to do and I designed a chore chart for them. Some of the chores need to be done daily but a couple of them are just as needed. They love their chore charts and the fact that they get to put on a sticker for each completed task. At the end of the week they get a reward if they earn the minimum amount of stickers needed to redeem each reward. A completed chart earns a much longed after hour of tablet time.

I love it because they are learning to be responisble and to pick up after themselves, but they are still having fun with it. And of course, the chores are only done to their level of ability. So, for example, they have to mop the kitchen floor. At their age that means I give them a bowl of water and a rag and they skate around on the kitchen floor and spill water everywhere (not a problem because we have linoleum). Then I go along after them with a drying towel and that is where the majority of the cleaning goes on. 😉 But they get to feel good about the job that they have done and they actually ask if they can please clean the floor now! Which is huge to me since we've been doing this chart for a couple months but they are still having fun with it! The other good thing is, we are working together and having fun at the same time.

I know that some people say not to reward kids for various things but I think this is within reason. It's stuff that we would be doing anyway but now they have the satisfaction of earning it. I've never seen 2 kids more proud of themselves, carrying their little container of change into the store and buying their own toy that they picked out (A *transformer and they play with them constantly! Especially Truett.) Their combined savings of $1.80 really helped offset the $20 we spent in the toy section. 😂 Haha!! But I felt like it was a good lesson for them. It's so easy to spend someone elses' money but they were very particular about how they spent their own. They (again, especially Tru, because of his age) looked at all their options and weighed whether it was worth spending ALL of their money on before they made a choice. I've been workng on teaching them to save money in their piggy banks too when they get money for birthdays and Christmas etc, and they have done great with setting aside money and having spending money.

So, this whole thing with learning to do chores has actually opened up a lot of learning opportunities in other areas. It's been really neat to see also how they have been more responsible in their playing to not just destroy the whole room, since they know they will be the ones cleaning up. They had gotten in the bad habit of dumping out so many toys and books and just creating chaos, then when I'd ask them to help pick up, they would whine that the mess was too big. Don't get me wrong, they still make big messes. But I see them think twice before just raining chaos on the house. 

I know how easy it is to start something new and stick with it for awhile and then fall off the wagon, so to speak. But I just can't imagine going back to trying to get them to help clean up without the chore chart to make it more fun and easy to keep track of. It's hanging right on their bedroom doors at their eye level so they can keep track of what they have to do and what they have earned. I just run off copies of the original chart and write their name. They don't usually take naps any more but they do spend quite time in their bedroom, usually while Zane naps. Days that they stay in there and be quiet are a bonus and earn ice cream at the end of the week! 🙂

*Apparently we are super into transformers now and we needed transformer stickers for the chart. 😉