Since the little guy is sleeping on my lap right now, I thought I’d type up a quick update. 🙂 

Zane has been growing up by leaps and bounds the last few weeks. He has his 2 bottom teeth now, which came in within just a few days of each other. (June 3rd and 8th) They caused quite a disruption to his sleep (and mine) and gave us lots of uncomfortable nights trying to co-sleep. Bless you if that’s your thing and you can sleep comfortably. I cannot. It leaves me sore and tired, but you do what you gotta do when the teeth are coming in. Right? Anyway, I’m happy that Zane is feeling better now and hopefully his other teeth will play nice. 😉 

Zane is in full army crawl mode with lots of rocking on all fours and the occasional crawl-step forward which usually causes him to face-plant. He can get anywhere he wants with his super fast and efficient army crawl. The other morning I brought him to the family room and laid him on the floor. I ran to the bathroom and when I came back, he was nowhere to be found! He’d crawled into Tru’s room. Ever since, I’m constantly having to go retrieve him from various places. He’s definitely into exploring! 

This kid has a great sense if humor. His brothers absolutely crack him up. His favorite is scooting over to their bedroom doors at night when they are supposed to be in bed. Instead I see them sticking their arms under the door and making Zane laugh. It’s gotten to be quite the thing lately and definitely a great bedtime stall tactic. 😏

Zane is quite the eater now and eats at least one jar of baby food per meal, 3 times a day. I still usually add a bit of rice or wheat cereal to it because he likes it better that way. I’ve also been adding a bit of formula powder to beef up the calories. The little guy is about 17lbs 9oz now in the 30%ile. He’s growing great though on his own more petite curve, so it’s fine. 🙂 DH is tickled that Zane is on the smaller side because he’s staying little longer. 🙂 His iron is also great at 11.3. 

I’m still breastfeeding but Zane usually has other things he’d rather do, unless he’s tired, sad or is snuggling in my bed. He was getting up as much as 4 times at night to nurse when he wasn’t feeling well. Lately it’s been just once, or occasionally twice. During the day he nurses about 4 times. I have the feeling that he will self-ween earlier than I’d like, but whatever is best for him is fine for me. I do cherish our time to just snuggle though, just me and him. 

Sleep is interesting now. He started rolling over during the night about 3 weeks ago. Off came the swaddle!! It wasnt as hard a transition as I feared but I do have some stress with it because he likes to sleep NOSE down. I’m constantly checking his nose in the night…. Naps are still either in the swing (asleep in 2 seconds with his music on and swing set on 4) or in my arms. Never without a blankie of some sort except on the rare occasion when we are driving and forget to bring one. He also loves to snuggle his head against his stuffed elephant at naptime. Binkies are an absolute must now too! He used to not be in love with them, but now?….

Zane’s favorites are: 

  • Dumping his toys out of his toy basket and tasting every single one. 
  • Finding every miniscule crumb on the floor and trying to eat it. 
  • Sitting in his walker and driving around while he eats puffs (broken up) and melts (also broken).
  • Taking baths and splashing the whole.entire.time.
  • Smiling and laughing at the baby in the mirror.
  • Playing with his brothers and just being one of the big kids.
  • Snuggling in my bed in the morning. Biggest smiles ever. 🙂 
  • A couple fuzzy blankets that are just so soft that he can’t even with them and he falls right to sleep. 

Zane’s dislikes: 

  • I’m having a hard time thinking of any. He’s so happy…. Well, one thing is, he doesn’t like his brothers kissing on him when he’s tired. 
  • Doesn’t like laying still for diaper and clothing changes. 

I noticed today that Zane looks at each family member when I say their name. It’s so crazy and neat that he knows who everyone is and understands what I’m saying when I ask where they are. For a long time now he’s tried to mimic sounds that we make. He’s a very observant and curious little person. 

Dear God, thank You so so much for this beautiful little person. Thank You for all the joy he brings to everyone he meets. Thank You for his quick and vibrant smile and for all the fun we have with him. Please protect and bless him all the days of his life. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

Hair tent on his ears lol