I know I’m not keeping up with updates anymore and I really wish I was doing better with that but I’m giving myself some grace because I have 3 people 4 and under who need lots of my time and this is just the season I am in right now and that’s ok. I have been taking lots of pictures though and I need to get those backed up from my phone and camera.



So, Zane has really blossomed so much the last few weeks. It’s like he just woke up and became a whole new person! Let’s do bullet points.

  • He’s still snuggly and loves his Mommy and still loves to take naps in my arms from time to time, although he sleeps so much more soundly if I lay him in his bed in my room with the door shut. He’s not a fan of noises and gets mad at me if I talk while he’s trying to sleep in my arms. His eyes pop open and he makes mad little sounds till I shut up and let him sleep.
  • He rolled over twice front to back on March 11th at 17 weeks 1 day. All week he has been trying to do it again or roll from back to front. He is so close! I missed his first roll but I heard Tru laughing because he thought it was hilarious and Zane rolled again right away.
  • That same day he also really and truly discovered his toes and wants to eat them all day now. He is teething like crazy and I expect we will see a tooth pop through soon. Zane wants to suck/bite everything he can get in his mouth. He loves it when I massage his gums. He’s really starting to hold toys the last couple weeks and puts everything straight into his mouth now, of course.
  • We are having some struggles with nursing. He gets mad if the milk doesn’t come down instantly. I mean, we are talking 5 sucks and he pulls off and cries. Sometimes he does fine and other times it’s a struggle. He’s just going to have to deal with it though because he isn’t taking the bottle well either. It’s hit and miss whether I can get him to take it and he usually only drinks .5-2oz at a time. I know that baby food is right around the corner and I think Zane will be happy to try it. He watches us eat with great interest, his little eyes following the food. It’s so cute!
  • Currently Zane is outgrowing all his 6 month clothes at an alarming (but good) rate and I really need to pull out more of the 9 month clothes. He is still in size 2 diapers but they are getting too small. I have 5 unopened bags that we aren’t going to use.
  • (I highly doubt this will interest anyone but me) I am finally starting to learn Zane’s built in schedule. (Side note: I know a lot of parents put their baby on some sort of schedule at some point and that’s really nice for the baby to have some order and routine. In my opinion. Anyway, I’ve found that for me it’s easier to just watch what my baby naturally starts doing and just try to build off of that. That’s just what works for me though.) So, sometimes he wakes around 6am to nurse and then back to sleep. More often though, he is sleeping through till 9-9:30am. He eats then plays on the floor with Tru and Levi while I pump. Around 11-11:30am, he starts getting fussy and wants to sleep. I give him his binky and wrap him in a blanket and he falls right to sleep in my arms. I have a show I like to watch in the morning so this is our cuddle time. He doesn’t sleep long and usually eats again around 12pm. Then plays and sometimes eats again before he takes his next nap around 2:30 or 3pm. This is convenient for me because I can lay Tru and Levi down for *naps* (quiet time in their rooms) while I get a workout in and do Bible study or take a shower etc. Then Zane is up and nurses again around 4. His schedule seems really loose after that. I can usually count on him taking a nap again in the evening either before or after supper. He nurses maybe 3 more times before his little timer goes off at 10:30-11pm and he decides that he must go to bed NOW. We still have him in the sleep sack for now and give him his Zantac. Then I either nurse him in my bed and lay him in his bed for the night, or, if he’s not hungry, I just lay him down and he goes to sleep.
  • Zane still has really bad eczema. I give him baths with coconut and avocado oil in the water. When I get him out, I slather his whole body in a hypoallergenic balm and then dress him. He’s so greasy and smells funny but it does help his skin a little. He claws at his face all day so I imagine the eczema must be really itchy. 😦




Zane is still a smiley and happy boy and I am just so thankful for such an easy baby. God knew what He was doing giving me Zane for my 3rd child. He doesn’t make my daily tasks harder, he just adds to my joy. He is a blessing to our whole family. Tru and I were talking about it and we decided that God must have given us the cutest baby He could find. Tru and Zane have a very special bond (which still cracks me up since Tru was the one who was more blasé about the whole pregnancy compared to how excited Levi was.) If Zane is sad, Tru and Levi can usually cheer him up just talking to him. Many is the time I have been changing my clothes or finishing up my food etc when Zane starts fussing and I’ll say “Can you talk to the baby for a minute?” and one or both of the boys will sit there and keep him company. He will cheer right up and then start crying when they walk away again. I think he actually just wants to play with them sometimes! He watches them all day!




Ok, I have to leave off here now even though there is always more I could write. I’m just happy that I got this much down! 🙂




Dear God, thank You so much for all the beautiful advances in growth and learning that this beautiful little baby has made. Please keep him healthy and safe as he grows and explores his environment and learns new things. In Jesus’ name, amen.

He’s loving his playmat for short periods although he spend almost a whole hour playing on it yesterday!

Papa bought the boys these masks to wear at his birthday party and they’ve been wearing them the last 3 days. 🙂

His morning nap

Sitting in my lap. I think he was watching a show or something. Why does he look like he’s 12 years old?!?!?!

Happy baby in the morning. 🙂

This picture cracks me up. Both Tru and I keep looking at it and laughing.