Happy to say this is a mostly good update. 🙂 In the last couple weeks I’m seeing more positive changes in Rocky. We are not accident free inside yet, of course, so as a result he spends a good bit of time outside where he mostly runs around the yard for a few minutes at a time and comes back to the porch and stares at us, wanting to come in. I feel bad about that but I can’t watch him 100% of the time and I hate to crate him too much during the day (but maybe I should?). The rest of the time he stays in the kitchen, or if I’m able to be dedicated to watching him, in the family room too. This is his absolute favorite and nothing makes him happier than snuggling up with his boys on the floor and falling asleep. 🙂 

The best change has been that he no longer panics in his crate! It’s amazing! He went from fighting being put in it, panicking and clawing frantically, crying, barking and even peeing and pooping on himself from anxiety to now calmly walking in ON HIS OWN!! Once inside, he lays down and is perfectly quiet. No crying!! He even chooses to go sleep in his crate on his own sometimes when he wants a break. It’s amazing. I seriously never thought we would get to this point. I don’t know why the switch flipped for him where he likes it now but I’m so happy!! 

The only downside is that he still occasionally pees in his crate. I think this probably has something to do with how he was forced to live as a young puppy. Obviously he didn’t get the memo about not peeing in your bed area. But I think he will probably come around on this eventually. I do my best to make sure he doesn’t NEED to pee while he’s in his crate, that way we can reinforce the idea of a clean, dry bed. The problem with this is that it makes crate training hard since he doesn’t see the problem with peeing and even pooping in there sometimes vs learning to hold it longer because he’s confined. Still working on figuring out that issue… He does hold it in more than he used to. Progress? Or just age? I don’t know…

As far as he is doing with the kids, we have some normal hyper puppy issues to deal with in regards to jumping and play nipping but generally it only takes me watching and correcting a time or two before he remembers his manners and stops. Then he plays gently. He is most in love with Tru and wants to be with Tru at all times. Which is really good because they bonded so well the first day we brought Rocky home. I’m happy to see their relationship. Levi is a little nervous still about the jumping etc so he usually waits till Rocky is tired and then pets and snuggles him. 

I’m really happy that Rocky is showing less separation anxiety now, but that’s still an issue to a degree. When we leave the house, he panics, so I leave him at my parent’s house when possible. If he sees one of us driving away, he runs to the vehicle and cries and gets right against it. I was trying to leave the other day but Rocky was crying and freaking out, pawing at the van trying to get in. DH was home and got him inside so I could leave. So now whenever someone leaves, I make sure Rocky is in the house. He must have been dropped off at some point is all I can think. He was also terrified to get in the van at first but now he wants to go everywhere with us. He jumps right in and sits on the seat, on Tru’s lap or lays on the floor. I’m glad he’s happy with the car now because we like taking him places with us. River loved going places too but hardly ever could because he had extreme car sickness, even on short rides. 

Rocky is so not a fan of puppy chow. He much prefers adult food. I figure it’s better if he’s eating, so I’m just feeding him a high quality meat based adult food. He’s finally gaining weight! Despite the fact that the shelter had given him worm medicine, he was infested with tape worms. Once we got rid of those, he started gaining weight well. He looks so much better! 

It’s hard to see how skinny he was here, but the pictures below are now that he’s started gaining weight.

Wow! This ended up being longer than I meant! I’m just really glad things are better now and I hope we don’t see any regression. Hopefully things just keep getting better! 

The boys were playing on their tablets. Rocky just sat with them with his favorite bone. 🙂

Movie time buddy.