Ok, I typed this up on 12-16-17 and am just now getting around to posting it. Ahhh, I suck at posting updates lately….




I don’t understand what is going on with my computer but I typed up a whole update last night and saved it. This morning, the file is there but it’s blank. So frustrating! This has happened a few times now. Not sure if it’s user error or what.



Anyway, this week has been interesting. I am finally mostly recovered from the mastitis but I still feel a little run down and tired. It took a long time for the blockage to move through, so I started taking Lecithin daily as a preventative for blocked ducts since I keep reading everywhere that Lecithin is good for that. I am so thankful that my milk supply has mostly recovered. I spent almost the entire day last Sunday on the couch with Zane and just nursed and pumped all day.



Zane and I both had check ups this week. Mine was the 4 week postpartum check up which was quick and uneventful, thankfully. Zane had his 1 month check up and he is healthy and growing like crazy! He’s gained almost 2 whole pounds in 2 weeks and is 10lbs 10oz now (Over 65th percentile), 22.25″ (77th, I think) and his head is 37.5cm (50th). I think I moved Zane into size one diapers around 3 weeks since we were running out of size newborns. He fits them well now. He has outgrown all his size newborn clothes and even some 0-3 months are getting short on him. I have put him in some 3 month sleepers and they fit great. 🙂 We are trying to drop his Zantac to just once a day at night since that’s when he has the worst issues with reflux. Ideally, I’d like to get him off of the Zantac asap but I don’t want him to be in pain like he was so I am happy with this plan. 🙂



He is still a good sleeper most nights! He usually wakes up anywhere from 3-6am for a feed. If he wakes up closer to 3 or 4, he usually nurses again between 6-8. Then he will usually sleep until 9:30-10am and be up for the morning. One morning this week he woke up around 4:45am and only dozed a bit off and on until after 10am!! That was crazy but thankfully not his normal schedule. I am so happy if he keeps up the good sleep. I need it! Especially since both Tru and Levi have been waking in the night more often than usual….



We have our little bedtime routine still which consists of me pumping while Daddy holds Zane. Sometimes I will have Daddy give him a bottle of pumped milk just to keep Zane used to the bottle and to give them that bonding time. Then I get Zane changed and in his sleep sack. I give him his Zantac and gripe water. He has trouble with being congested all the time, so every night I give him some infant nasal spray and suck out the boogers with the bulb syringe. He hates this part of our routine. Poor baby. 😦 Then I lay down with him in my bed and nurse him. He either falls asleep or is close to it and I move him to his co-sleeper. Sometimes I give him his pacifier at night but he really isn’t a fan of it, unfortunately.


Zane likes:

  • Bath time usually. His big brothers usually sit by the tub and hold his hands to help him feel secure. 🙂
  • Being talked to. His little face lights up in the biggest open mouthed smiles. He doesn’t smile a whole lot yet but when he does, it is vibrant and adorable!
  • He tolerates being held by his brothers.
  • We tried his playmat out for the first time and he seemed to like it!
  • We also started doing tummy time this week and he seems ok with it in small increments.



Most of the time, Zane wants to be held. And most of the time, Mommy is the only person who will do. So I spend great amounts of my days now holding Zane. Sometimes I wear him in the Moby wrap so I can get stuff done. But he oftentimes wants to nurse (another reason I wish he would take the pacifier) but he gets mad at the boob for giving him milk when he only wants to comfort nurse. So he latches and unlatches and relatches… I am very sore again from all this. Not sure what the answer is since not letting him nurse just results in him fussing…


Dear God, thank You for good news at Zane’s check up of him growing so well. Please continue to heal his body from the reflux so he can be comfortable and happy. Thank You for this sweet baby boy. In Jesus’ name, amen.



Dh thinks this coat is ridiculous. I think its adorable!


Soft face


These 2 look so much alike! I almost cant tell their baby pics apart.



Sweet baby hand


That bear was given to me by the hospital when I was born, over 28 years ago. And now my boys love to play with it.