Oh, how that word strikes fear and dread in my heart! Unfortunately, I came down with a bad case late Thursday night. I woke up around 2am Friday with chills that lasted until around 5am, followed by feeling super hot and sweaty. This cycle kept repeating itself through the day. I was horribly weak and in too much pain to do anything more than lay on the couch. I tried to take a shower and I got so horribly nauseous. I took some Zofran to calm that down so I could take my medicine and pain reliever. It was a blessing that I had filled my prescription for Keflex on Thursday so I was able to start taking that right away. My sister S was able to come over, thank God, because I didn’t want DH to have to call off work again but I couldn’t even lift the baby without pain and difficulty. 
By Friday morning I felt stronger and the fever was gone but I still had pain and spent another wasted day on the couch. Today, Saturday, I still have some pain and I can feel the blocked ducts in there and the milk just isn’t moving through, but I’m working on massaging it downward. 
Unfortunately, my milk supply took a huge hit, probably because I was too nauseated to drink much all day Thursday. Zane is nursing a lot the last 2 days and I hope my supply will come back up soon so he can get enough milk. I really don’t know what caused this bout of mastitis but it was definitely the most severe I’ve ever had with any of my kids. I was doing so well before this hit! Oh well, hopefully I’ll be fully mended and healthy before next weekend when all the Christmas parties start!