We started out week 2 with Zane throwing up bright yellow bile while we were at my Grandma’s Thanksgiving party (on a weekend, of course). I panicked a bit because I’d never seen anything so bright come out of a baby’s mouth. It looked just like breastfed baby poop. I showed my mom and she said none of her 10 kids had ever done that, so I called the on-call Pediatrician since that is what Dr Google said to do. He said that in the absence of other concerning symptoms, and because it had only happened once, to watch Zane and take him to the children’s ER if it continued over the weekend. Zane had started with a stuffy nose on Thanksgiving Day, so he’d had that and vomiting mucus for 3 days, but nothing else.



On Monday I took him to the Dr and his Pedi said that it looked like acid reflux. The stuffy nose appeared to be caused by the acid coming up in his nose and the vomiting mucus was probably irritation in his stomach. So anyway, he’s been on Zantac for a week now, twice a day. It seems to be helping quite a bit but I also give him gripe water at bedtime since it has seemed to help his gassiness and the acid reflux a bit too. Unfortunately, he still has a very stuffy nose. I was up multiple times in the night last night suctioning his nose trying to help him breathe. He’s fine during the day but at night it gets really bad. I have the head of his bed elevated but it doesn’t seem to help the congestion much. Tonight I am planning to try the cool mist humidifier by his bed.



As a side note, Zane weighed 8lbs 13oz at his check up which was at 2 weeks 2 days. So he had gained almost 11 ounces since the birth and 1lb 2oz from what he weighed before we came home from the hospital. 🙂 He is a good eater and very efficient at nursing. He doesn’t comfort nurse very much but he does like to hum while he nurses. I think it’s adorable!



So far, Zane is a happy baby. He only fusses if he is hungry or if his belly hurts, which is less often now that we have the acid reflux situation figured out. He started smiling at 2 weeks 1 day! I thought he was starting to a day or two before that, but for sure he was at 2+1. He smiled at Daddy first and at me a couple of days later. I managed to get a few pictures a few days after that. 🙂



Tru and Levi keep asking me when the baby will talk. When I took Zane to the Dr, Levi thought they were going to fix him so he could talk. Haha! Levi is always bringing the baby toys to play with and Tru is always giving him stuffed animals. They don’t get it that Zane is just too little to hold on to stuff yet. Tru and Levi are both completely obsessed with rubbing his head and holding his hands. It’s mostly ok, but sometimes I have to beg them to let me hold the baby by myself for a bit. I feel bad to push them away, I just get so tired of guarding Zane constantly. I am glad that they love him sooooo much though and as he gets bigger, I know it will be easier to let them show their love without having to worry so much. 😉




I am still pumping just twice a day usually. In the morning I get about 10 ounces, give or take. At night I usually get 6 or 7. I bought some chocolate syrup and Tru and Levi have been quite happy to drink chocolate milk almost every day. 😉 Because of cold and flu seasson, I’d love to continue this all winter! DH still thinks it’s super gross, and maybe it is, I don’t know. But I know it’s good for them, so….




As far as I feel postpartum, I feel really normal, just more tired than usual. 😉 I’ve lost almost 20 pounds which is nearly half since I gained 41 pounds. I hope the rest of the weight melts off quickly. The downside is, I still have a horrible headache every single day. It starts soon after I get up every morning and lasts until after I go to bed every night. I take ibuprofen for it but it doesn’t do much. I thought maybe it was a spinal headache from the epidural since I had one after I had Tru, but usually that goes away after 14 days and this is still going strong 23 days PP. So, I’m thinking maybe hormones? I don’t know, but it sure is annoying! Aside from that, the eczema on my face has flared up really bad. I had hoped it would calm down after the pregnancy since it had flared up a bit in the beginning of the pregnancy and got worse towards the end. But it actually got even worse after I delivered. I am fairly confident that it will calm down once the hormones settle, it just sucks that I have red flakey patches everywhere and don’t look too great in unedited pictures. Haha.




Zane is still getting up twice a night to nurse. If his nose isn’t too stuffy, he sleeps really well. He’s even had 2 nights that he only woke up once! That was amazing! He does like to stay up sometimes for an hour or two when he wakes up around 5 or 6 am. Which is keeping with the same thing he did in utero. He would oftentimes have a kicking and hiccuping party at that same time while I was pregnant. So neat how he still has the same schedule! I am averaging 5-7 hours of sleep a night myself, which is fantastic for this early on!! I could always use even more sleep but I am super happy right now. I’ve had a few days when all 3 boys were napping and I managed to squeeze in a quick nap myself. I was pretty stoked about that. 😉




DH had 3 weeks off work and he is officially back at work as of today. All of last week he was deer hunting, so he wasn’t really here at all. Up and gone by 5:30am most days and home around 6:15pm. So it was like he only had 2 weeks off but it was still great that we had that much time to enjoy our new baby together and have DH here to entertain Tru and Levi so they didn’t feel so neglected while I took care of the baby. We are in a pretty good routine now also, which is so nice with little ones.




Zane is 3 weeks 2 days old today but it feels like he’s been on the outside world longer than that. He fits right into our family and it just feels so right that we have 3 little boys. 🙂 I am still so happy and surprised with the way our family has grown. I always wanted my kids to be close in age but I thought after infertility, that would be impossible. And it certainly wasn’t anything I had control over but God knew what was best for us and He has grown our family just so perfectly! I couldn’t have imagined a more wonderful family than what He has given me. I am so thankful!


Dear God, thank You for Your care and blessings on us. Please continue to help Zane to feel better from the acid reflux and to be healthy and happy. Thank You for blessing us with this time together as a family and I pray that we will continue to bond and enjoy our time together and to stay healthy this winter. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Sorry for the picture of a picture. I wanted to include this but didn’t have time to upload it right now.