Ok, Zane is 3 weeks old tomorrow but I’m just now getting this update posted that I wrote last week. I need to work on another post but I’m having too much fun just enjoying my *free time* snuggling my boys and even having a nap on the rare occasion. 😉



You guys, I’m not trying to brag, because we all know how that works out… But seriously, this little baby is so good. I mean, all babies are good, obviously. But this little guy is so calm and chilled out. I am not kidding when I say that he almost never ever cries. He does this little whimper thing when he needs something and that’s about it. He will eventually work himself into a cry, but it takes a long time. Like more than 5 minutes, unless he is in pain. I am so thankful he has been a happy baby so far and just keep hoping that he keeps being so happy and easy. It helps too that DH is off work for 3 weeks, so I can focus on baby care, and Zane seldom has to wait to have his needs met.



Because of the situation with our extremely helpful and gentle, but still just a 4 year old, and our extremely curious and not-so-gentle 2.5 year old, we almost never put Zane down during the day. For his safety, we have to… no, we GET to, hold him all day, everyday. I think this is wonderful as it is the first time that I have had so many guilt free newborn snuggles. With both Tru and Levi, I had that constant nagging thought “I should put him down while he is so happy and get stuff done.” With Zane, there is none of that. And it’s awesome!



One little issue Zane does have is frequent belly pain. I think he also has acid reflux as he spits up quite often and gets choked on spit up and it’s obvious that it is causing him pain. I have the head of his bed propped up ever so slighty like I did for Levi. I think it helps a bit. I’m sure he will outgrow it soon.



Ever since Zane was born, he wakes up to eat around 2:30-3:30am, depending on if we go to bed at 11 or midnight (we are night owls) and again around 5:30-6:30am. Then he usually sleeps until 9:30-10am. I am stoked at this schedule and I hope he stays on it! It works out great for me right now because if I am tired when Tru and Levi get up (around 8-9), DH has been able to keep them quiet while I sleep until Zane gets up. Then DH usually changes him while I pump, and then I nurse Zane.



I am currently just pumping twice a day, morning and night. Occasionally I will throw in a third pumping in the afternoon or evening if I feel too full, but the engorgement is over now. Zane is great at nursing but he does have a small mouth which results in a shallow latch sometimes. (But let’s be real, that’s quite a mouthful for a little guy) He also has a high palate and was clicking his tongue constantly while nursing for the first few days. It hurt so bad! I ended up with blisters on my nipple and had to use a nipple shield for a few days, but he wasn’t able to remove as much milk with the shield on, so I stopped using it and that ended up being fine. 🙂 I do have the over-active let-down this time again, so he chokes and gags on the milk at times (and that probably causes a lot of his belly pain), but it eventually calmed down with the other kids so I’m sure it will this time too. DH has given him the bottle with pumped milk a couple time. Zane took the bottle with no hesitation and DH was happy for the bonding time too, so that has been nice.



I had hand expressed quite a bit of colostrum during the last few weeks of pregnancy. I had frozen it in syringes in case Zane ended up having bad jaundice like Levi did. I gave him a few ml while we were in the hospital, but my milk came in less than 48 hours after birth, so I didn’t need much of the expressed colostrum. Levi ended up really wanting to try breastmillk (yeah, I know), so I gave it to him. DH was super grossed out but I reminded him that Levi only weaned back in Feb, so it wasn’t even that long ago. And maybe it will help his immune system… who knows?

Other odds and ends:

  • Zane lost his cord at 8 days old, on his due date. 🙂
  • One of my two stitches fell out at 7 days post partum. That other stitch is still hanging in tight now at 13 days PP. Can’t wait till it falls out because stitches itch! But I’m so glad I didn’t end up with numerous stitches like I did last time. UGH!
  • Zane has a bit of a blocked tear duct in his right eye. All of my babies have had this and so did DH, which makes me wonder if maybe it’s hereditary?? Anyway, it has days where it is more clear than others so I hope it doesn’t get as bad as Truett’s was. Levi’s cleared up fairly quickly if I remember right.
  • He still gets hiccups on the same schedule he had them in utero. Every morning and every night when we go to bed and usually at least once throughout the day. And how this poor baby hates the hiccups! I usually give him the pacifier because it helps them go away faster and keeps him from spitting up from the hiccups.
  • He will really only take the pacifier at night and only until he falls asleep, then he spits it out. He does suck on his thumb frequently though, which is absolutely adorable!! 🙂




Our routine at night has been: pump, nurse Zane to top him off, change his diaper and put him in his sleep sack, then lay him on my bed while I get ready for bed. Then when I’m ready, I move him to his bed and turn off the light. He usually falls asleep either while I am getting ready or right after I move him to his bed. I absolutely love the co-sleeper (it’s the Arms Reach brand) and being able to hear him breathing right next to me, but in his own space.


You may remember that during my pregnancy, Levi was the one who always wanted to “kiss my baby” almost every day, and loved to talk about the baby constantly. He was always talking about how he would “smuggle” the baby and help me take care of him. While Levi does like to hold Zane and will gladly bring me diapers and wipes and likes to watch me change him and bathe him, I have been surprised that Truett is actually the one who has stepped easily into the big brother role again. He had been so adamant during the pregnancy that he was not going to help with the baby and didn’t care much to talk about the baby or kiss my belly. For the last few weeks of the pregnancy, when it became more real that there was definitely a baby in there, Tru did start to get excited a bit more. But never so much as Levi was. So I’ve been surprised that Tru is always asking to hold the baby and just loves to sit next to me and hold Zane’s hand for long periods of time. He is always bringing me pillows, blankets, diapers and wipes and burp towels… He loves to be involved in picking out the baby’s outfits. It’s so cute! Both Tru and Levi are constantly aware of Zane and if he is in another room, they always ask where he is and fret when we leave the house that we won’t bring their baby back. Zane is so blessed to have big brothers who love him so dearly and are so protective and attentive to his needs. (Even though we do have a few incidents of passive aggression from Levi. 😉 )



Ok, I have to end this here even though there is so much to say!




Dear God, thank You for a blessed and beautiful week with our precious new baby boy. Thank You for faithfully seeing us through the pregnancy and birth. Please help Zane to continue to be healthy and for us to do a good job caring for and raising him. In Jesus’ name, amen.



Tru and Zane

Levi and Zane