We are having a quiet day at home this Thanksgiving. We had planned to go to DH’s grandma’s house today but Levi threw up this morning so we stayed home in case we are contagious. He’s been fine the rest of the day, playing and eating. As sad as we were to miss the party, we have just been trying to enjoy the day. I made egg and ham muffins and we watched a movie. DH and the boys pretended to be Kungfu Panda (LOL) and now DH is out hunting squirrel while the boys nap. And I’m soaking up baby snuggles! 
I had a light bulb moment around 4am this morning when I woke up to feed Zane. I was due to have him on November 19th. For some reason, that date never rang any bells in my mind until it hit me this morning….That was the date of our first egg retrieval, 5 years ago!! Our first embryo transfer was Thanksgiving Day, the 22nd of 2012. Our hearts were broken when that cycle failed. After 4.5 years of TTC, I felt like it was hopeless. Like I was broken and could never have the life I wanted. I could never have imagined that we would be blessed with 3 little boys over the course of the next 5 years. When I spent that Thanksgiving laying on the couch after the ET, I never imagined that I would spend Thanksgiving at home on the couch snuggling my third newborn just 5 short years later. God has blessed us and brought beauty from our pain. I know that each of these gifts is solely His doing. I am thankful for that today and give Him all the glory. 
No matter where you are or what you are doing today, I hope your day will be blessed. I hope your life will be blessed in exactly the way God chooses to bless you. 💕