How far along? 32 weeks 5 days (9-29-17) I feel like I just typed up my last update! How has a week gone by already? At the same time, I feel like things are slowing down just a bit now.
Symptoms? Acid reflux is a bit worse than non-pregnant at the moment. I’ve really had very few symptoms this week. A few episodes of lightheaded and breathlessness.
Weight? About +35
Cravings/aversions? Nothing either way. Except I’m still not feeling Taco Bell or seafood.
Exercise? I had 1 day on the elliptical. I was going to have 2 days but I spent all my time the second day on stretching. It just felt so good to stretch my back/hips/neck! 🙂
Sleep? I probably would be sleeping ok except I have a cold and have had a sore throat/stuffy nose off and on for probably at least 3 weeks now since seasonal allergies have really flared up. The other sleep inhibitor is that I wake up to pee and don’t feel the baby move, then I lay there and poke at him and worry until he finally moves. Hopefully he will be great at sleeping through the night once he’s born, since he’s already sleeping through the night, apparently. He used to kick me all night but not the last few weeks. His patterns have changed a lot lately.
Bump? Oh my, I just looked at a picture of myself in the hospital right before Tru was born and my belly was smaller then than it is now. I have to admit, I am nervous that this guy is going to be a big one! One exciting thing I’ve noticed is that I can feel the general shape of his body through my belly. I could with Tru too but not with Levi. I thought it was because I was heavier when I was pregnant with Levi, but it must have been because his placenta was anterior, because this time I am heavier than ever but can still usually make out what side he is laying on. 🙂 He flops back and forth between the left and right. I prefer when he lays on the right because I can feel his kicks better. But, however he’s comfortable….


So, this week on Sunday after we got home from church, my sister’s L and K came over and I went into power nesting mode. K entertained the kids and L kept me company and helped move stuff around. I finally got out the baby clothes and washed most of them, moved Truett’s dresser to my room for the baby’s clothes and rearranged Tru’s room. When DH got done changing oil in the vehicles, he helped move the crib to Levi’s room and convert it into a toddler bed. Levi loves it and is so happy in his big boy bed! 🙂

Monday we stayed home and I tried to get more stuff done. L came over again in the evening to spend the night and watch the boys on Tuesday.

Tuesday I had an NST and Dr visit. Both went well and I was in and out of the office in under a half hour I think. I met another one of the Drs. She was super sweet and I really liked her. She wants me to alternate NSTs with BPPs every other week. I told her that whatever she thinks is best is fine with me. But it turns out that the hospital I go to for the BPPs will only do them WITH an NST. So I should be having NSTs every week with BPPs every other week. But it’s all subject to change as the Drs at this practice are all over the place with the different ways they do things. I’m just trying to go with the flow really and not stress about what they decide to do. This Dr did say that she absolutely does NOT want to induce labor, which was funny because my primary Dr just said at my last visit that she won’t let me to go past 39 weeks. …. We shall see what happens!

Wednesday we went to story time. L had stayed the night again Tuesday so she dropped us off while she went and applied for a job (She’s getting her first ever job!), then we went to the park and pond and ran some errands. I had a visit with the chiropractor and he said my hip was much better than last time (and I haven’t had any pain recently) so that was great news! 🙂

Thursday we went to visit my sister A for a few hours. The boys had a blast playing with their cousin. 🙂

Today we’ve just been hanging out at home. I tried to get a few things done around here but I’ve had very frequent BH contractions all day so I’m just taking it easy now. I’m not really concerned about them since they aren’t painful. Just don’t want to encourage them along.


I never quite finished this update but I did take a picture. 🙂

IMG_8159 (2)


How far along? 33 week 5 days (10-6-17)
Symptoms? SPD pain when I walk and at night when I’m laying down. A pillow between my legs relieves some of the pain but it pops and grinds a lot in the night. Acid reflux has really flared up so I’ve upped my Zantac. It does help a good bit. I really should try drinking some Aloe Vera as that has always been helpful. I am definitely having some swelling but it’s still not too awful. At the beginning of the week I had a lot of cramping and BH contractions. I had them for about 9 hours one day every 10-15 minutes or so (wasn’t really timing them) but they weren’t painful so I wasn’t too concerned. I drank tons of water and laid down and they finally went away around midnight. I told my Dr and she wasn’t concerned. She said she would be surprised if I wasn’t having anything at this point. I’ve had significantly less since then which is pretty much par for the course in all 3 of my pregnancies. I always get less and less BH the farther along I get. So strange….
Weight? +36-37
Cravings/aversions? Same.
Exercise? HA! It didn’t happen this week.
Sleep? Overall, not too bad.
Bump? SO HEAVY! I feel like this kid already weighs 8lbs in there. And he looks huge on the ultrasound. The next growth scan is next week so I’m interested to see what he weighs approx. He has definitely developed a wake/sleep pattern. I’m not fully in tune with it, but I know sometimes he will not move for 30+ minutes and overnight into the morning he hardly moves at all even when I poke at him. I’m not gonna lie, it stresses me out. The part of pregnancy where monitoring kicks is so important is just really anxiety inducing for me. I do try to be faithful with his kick counts and I love that the app stores all the data so I can see a trend in when he is most active.


I had a regular checkup this week on Tuesday. No idea why they made me see the Dr two weeks in a row, but when I tried to get out of that appointment, the nurse said they wanted to see me. Even the Dr didn’t know why the other Dr had said to come back so soon. Haha. But anyway, I hadn’t met this OB yet and I’m glad I did. She’s actually the Dr who founded the practice (which I didn’t know until later). She was really nice and just made me feel at ease. She’s a quiet, calm personality which is what I like in a Dr. She’s also a much older woman and just has that reassuring grandmotherly feel about her. So, I’ve met 5 of the 8 Drs there so far and 3 of them would be my top picks for the birth. The others were plenty nice enough, I just didn’t feel that connection. We’ll see!


Then today, Friday, I had an NST and BPP. I wasn’t happy with how it went because they buzzed Zane twice during the NST and shook my belly twice during the BPP to make him move and I just felt like they should have waited for him to move on his own. Anyway, the day was super busy but productive. Up at 5:15am to get ready. Had myself and the boys out the door at 6:20. Made it through crazy traffic (Thank God!) to my appointment at 8am. The boys sat in their stroller and drew on their marker boards the whole time. I was so happy with them! I gave them a treat once we got back out to the van. Levi declared that his first ever fruit roll-up was good. 😉  The appointments were done around 8:45, so I decided spur of the moment to seize the day and wipe out some Christmas shopping. We stopped at 3 stores and got shopping almost completed for 7 people. Then we picked up lunch and met DH at work for lunch together. Finally back home just before 3pm. The boys ended up taking an over 3 hour nap! I finally woke Levi up! I’m just so stoked to not have much shopping left to do. But the last few people are the hardest ones on my list (naturally), so I may have to enlist DH’s help in figuring out what to get them.


Well, I think that’s about it. 🙂


Dear God, thank You for a good and productive week! Thank You for all Your blessings. Please continue to watch over Zane as we near the end of this pregnancy. Thank You for him. In Jesus’ name, amen.