So, you know how I had talked about Truett’s belly pain and dry heaving/throwing up episodes? Well, a couple weeks ago I took him to the Dr and he was quite concerned that Tru is still having random episodes of fever, albeit not quite as often as last year. (9 or 10 episodes this year, approx 7 without being sick at all) He sent Tru for blood work and an abdominal x-ray that day. I got really shook up because he mentioned one of the big, scary ‘C’ words while we were going over things. So I spent that night freaking out and worrying. Thankfully, the results of the blood work were in the next morning and showed no obvious problems (although his C-reactive protein was right at the cut off for high but his Dr said that can happen and it’s ok – It’s worth noting though since it’s always high every time they test it.) and when his x-ray results came in, they said he was really backed up, despite not seeming constipated, and his Dr said to give him Prevacid and stool softener and follow up in 4 weeks and do a repeat x-ray. We haven’t gotten to that point in time yet but so far so good with the Prevacid etc and I also started him on a daily probiotic for infants and toddlers. We are supposed to make sure he eats at least 11 grams of fiber a day. I wrote down everything he ate for a week and he easily gets 14-20+ grams a day.

The Dr didn’t really think Tru has acid reflux and since these episodes happen whether he has eaten recently or not, neither do I. But it’s worth trying the Prevacid a few weeks and seeing what happens. And he’s also off dairy temporarily, which is no fun for him since he loves cheese and yogurt and the substitutes just aren’t the same.

We also got a prescription for a rash that Tru has around his mouth that looks like a strep-type rash. The ointment did absolutely nothing for it so for now we are assuming it’s not anything contagious, but it sure doesn’t look good.

Then, last Thursday, Levi came down with a fever, as I mentioned in my last post. In less than 24 hours, he was better. Tru came down with a fever that same night but it didn’t go away and he just got so sick. His chest was so rattly when he tried to breathe at night, he coughed all night, his throat was so sore (he kept asking “Why it hurt when the spit goes down!?”) and he was just so clingy and sad. So, Thurs night is when the fever started. Sat night he coughed all night long and cried so I stayed home from church with the boys on Sun. Monday, after another even worse night, I called his Dr and they got him right in. After his Dr looked him over, he said he wanted to do a chest x-ray to check for pneumonia and also because he should have done one last time to look for lumps in his lungs that could be caused by another big, scary ‘C’ word. (For some reason I just can’t even bring myself to type it). So, shook up again, we headed over to the hospital for the x-ray. Would you believe that Tru was actually disappointed that he didn’t get blood drawn this time?! I guess the more stuff you get done, the more stickers they give you. Crazy boy!

The next morning, Tuesday, the nurse called to say that it was indeed pneumonia AND bronchitis. Tru had a terrible night the night before and was on his second day of not getting out of bed without me helping him. In fact, I put a diaper on him because there was no way I was going to make him get up when he was so out of it and weak. I hated to get him up to leave the house but no one could get his prescription for us that day so we went and got it and I was able to get him to not only take his medicine but also eat a burrito!! That was a big score since he hadn’t eaten much at all in days. We had bought 7 different flavors of Powerade the day before (he had only peed ONCE all day) and I had been cycling through them trying to get him to try sips but he wasn’t into it. I did finally convince him that taking sips of ice water would help his cough, so all day and all night whenever he coughed, he would dutifully take a sip of water. Considering that he ran a fever for 5 days, it was imperative that he drink at least sips!

Praise God, by Wednesday Truett got of bed on his own and actually played with toys and had more energy. And today we have come a full week from when he first got sick, and while he still coughs at times, his throat feels better and his chest isn’t hurting. Plus, no fever since Tuesday night! I’m so thankful for our friends and family who prayed for him. I’ve never had an experience with pneumonia and I know it can be serious, so I’m very thankful that he seems to be past that and getting back to normal. But boy is he grouchy!! Today and yesterday were tough as he has just not been himself. Breaking down crying and screaming and acting out of control over little things. It’s been really frustrating, for him and for us! I’ll be so happy when he fully feels himself again and can be a happy little boy.

We still have to follow up about the random fevers and the belly pain etc, but I do feel a bit better knowing the bloodwork was good. I plan to ask his Dr for more information on the x-rays, whether he still wants to repeat them or not. And I definitely feel that I should mention here, his Dr is not at all a fear-mongering type. In fact, he’s very laid back and doesn’t make me feel stupid when I ask all kinds of questions. I really like him! Actually, he was my Dr when I was a kid. I was thrown off when he mentioned those other scary possibilities but I also appreciate him being honest about what the random fevers could mean because that helps me to know more what I should be on the alert for. And also to not just accept that Tru has to always have fevers and not get answers. We really do need to figure this out!