How far along? 25 weeks 6 days (8-12-17)



Symptoms? Having some pain in my right SI joint. I have another appointment with the Chiropractor next week so maybe he can help me get it worked out. We went on a date last night and stayed overnight in a nearby city. Today we did a lot of walking at a conservatory and art museum, and I could feel the tightness and soreness but some stretches definitely helped! I’ve had some more swelling in my feet and just a bit in my hands. Not uncomfortable though. Just the average end of second trimester stuff. Starting to notice the weight of the belly more but not so much that it has slowed me down too much… unless I’m trying to roll out of bed. Haha!



Weight? I didn’t weigh myself this morning since we were at the hotel. Earlier this week I was +25. I’m sure it’s a bit more now though with the swelling.



Sleep? Pretty good as long as the restless legs don’t show up. My body has been waking me up earlier which is actually really nice. I still get up maybe 4 or 5 times in the night but I pretty much sleep walk to the bathroom and back. I’ve actually dozed off mid-pee a few times lately! Ha! Strange but true.



Exercise? 3 days on the elliptical. I felt so good lately that I upped the intensity (barely) to give my legs a bit more strength. DH rubbed his hand over my leg the other day and was like “Wow! Your legs feel really strong.” Haha! They’re not “really strong” by any means but I am happy to be building back a bit of the strength that I lost while laying around so much. I really need to get motivated to do some back and arm work. Just a bit. Nothing too exciting.



Cravings/aversions? So, I walked up to the counter when I was buying my coke freeze the other day, and the lady at the counter said “So, is it a pregnancy thing, or….?” And I just started laughing and confirmed that yes, definitely a pregnancy craving. I mean, I like freezes but this is getting silly! Obviously I’ve been in there enough lately that they recognize me. Which is sad because I go to 2 different locations depending on which side of town I’m on. The only real aversion I have is seafood. I usually LOVE seafood but I just can’t right now. DH and I talked about going to a crab shack on our date but I couldn’t stomach the thought of it. I think the seafood thing comes from eating some mussels right at the start of morning sickness. I couldn’t even throw away the shells that were on the counter because I couldn’t look at them. DH had to take them out!



Bump? I feel like Zane is a very strong baby and maybe a tad on the big side. My next growth scan is actually in 3 days (HOW has it already been 4 weeks since my last appointment? I feel like I was just there!) so it will be interesting to see how big he measures. I know he’s still very tiny but he feels robust in there. I still don’t know how he is situated, but I feel body on the right and limbs on the left. For a day or two, I could tell he’d changed position, but he went back to this spot later so it must be comfortable. Hiccups are down low again, whereas, they had moved to the top of my belly for a few days. And the crotch kicks went away too. Last night I was laying behind DH while we watched a show on TV and Zane kicked and kicked his back. It was so funny how hyper he was in there. I’m learning his pattern of movement but it seems to change every so often to a new pattern. Lately he’s been a night owl, which I love. Sometimes he just pushes one little item out on my side and holds it there until I put my hand on it and he jerks it away. I always think that’s so fun how we are connecting with each other for a moment.



As I mentioned, we have our 26 week appointment in a few days and I just can’t believe how fast the time flew since my last checkup. I have this appointment scheduled with a Dr I haven’t met yet, so I’m interested to see how that goes and if we are on the same page. The Dr left it in the air as to whether I will have a growth ultrasound at 28 weeks or if I’ll wait till 30 weeks, but I think they start bi-weekly appointments at 28 weeks anyway. (They don’t) I can’t get over how fast this pregnancy is flying! In a way, I feel like March and finding out was a long time ago, but not really.



I have started to get things ready here and there when it makes sense. I remember when I got to the third trimester with Levi, everything was so much harder to accomplish and I was happy for everything I had done earlier. So, I cleaned out Levi’s closet last week and all the receiving blankets and burp cloths and bibs etc were still in the nursery organizer in his closet. I went ahead and washed them and moved that to my room. I’ve got about 14 bags of diapers stocked up since I found sales and had coupons. I’ve probably got 25+ bags of wipes. I cleaned out the dresser in Truett’s room that was wasted space. I cleaned out his closet and moved stuff around so that I could make better use of it. The freed up closet space meant that I might be able to use the dresser for Zane’s clothes. I was going to buy a new dresser (and still need to) but money is a tad tight at the moment as we had to fix some things on DH’s car, so if I can hold off on that purchase for now and use the old dresser for awhile, that’s great. 🙂



Dear God, thank You for a beautiful week and for the time DH and I got to spend with each other and bonding with Zane. Please keep him safe and help him continue to grow strong and healthy. May our appointment go well and his ultrasound be good. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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