I have to share this story because it is simply too precious not to. The other night we were driving home late at night and the boys wanted to sing Christmas songs. Jingle Bells is seriously one of Tru’s favorite songs and him and Levi sing it all the time. After we sang for awhile, Tru said “Can you talk to me?” When I asked him what we should talk about, he just wanted to talk about “things”. So we did.


After awhile, Tru asked me “Is Levi asleep?” At this point, Levi hadn’t made a peep in quite a long time so I thought he probably was. I asked him “Levi, are you asleep?” and he quietly answered back “No. God’s talking to me.” I asked him what God was saying to him, and Levi answered back “He wuvs me.” When we got home awhile later, he told DH the same thing.



I was quite shocked and also touched. It just melted my heart. Levi had been asking me from time to time “God wuvs me?” And I would always tell him “yes”. But he hasn’t asked me that since. I wonder if God decided to just tell Levi – Himself – that yes, God loves him. And why wouldn’t God speak to a young, innocent child? They don’t know to be skeptical. Surely if anyone could be spoken to and hear from God, it would a sweet little baby.